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10 Fast Facts About Wyoming:

1/ One of the biggest earners of export cash in Wyoming is not cowboy equipment or rodeo equipment or other 'Western' stereotypes like this, but is in fact Disodium Carbonate, which is found in abundance in Wyoming and is the basis for domestic sodium carbonate which is used as a water softener in many detergents, in the manufacture of glass, and sometimes even in food (such as Lye Rolls and German Pretzels).

Wyoming had 60.4% of the U.S trade exports of disodium carbonate in 2011 which had a dollar value of $738 million.

2/ The growth in the output of Wyoming's Coal Production has been meteoric. In 1900 the state produced 6,507,445 tons, which by 1999 had risen to 336,468,938 tons and in 2010 was 442,522,000 tons, which was 40.81% of total U.S Production.

(Note: In the industry the figures are often referred to as 'short tons'. To find the number of 'short tons' you have to knock the last three 000s off e.g. 442,522,000 tons becomes 442,522 short tons.)

3/ 54.65% of the land in Wyoming is owned by the State and/or Federal Government, leading Wyoming to rank fifth in the percentage of a state's land owned by the government.

The four above it in terms of the percentages owned by either branch of government (state or federal) are:

Alaska - 89.22%
Nevada - 81.07%
Utah - 70.40%
Idaho - 66.55%

4/ The total population of Wyoming in 2010 was 568,158, which if it were a city in Texas would make it only the 7th biggest behind El Paso in sixth with a population of 649,121.

The actual largest city in Wyoming, Cheyenne had a population of 91,738 in 2010 would only be the 38th largest city in Texas, below San Angelo in 37th with a population of 93,200.

5/ The tallest building in Cheyenne is the Wyoming State Capital building at a height of 146 feet.

The tallest building in the state as a whole is a residential housing block for students called White Hall that was built in Laramie in 1960, that stands at 200 feet high. This makes Wyoming the third LEAST high-rise state in the United States, with only South Dakota and Vermont having tallest buildings that are less than 200 feet.

6/ Wyoming was the first state (then a territory) to give women the vote on the same basis as men on December 10th 1869, it is interesting however to step back a little from this seemingly forward looking gesture and consider that it was probably motivated as much by loneliness as it was by political beneficence.

In 1869 there were only around 7,000 residents of Wyoming, and 6,000 of them were male, so a key motivation of the legislation was both to encourage more single women to come to the state and also to get the fledgling state some much needed free publicity to encourage migration in general.

7/ The official state tree of Wyoming is the Cottonwood, the official state mammal is the Bison and the official state reptile is the Horned Toad.

8/ The largest of Wyoming's 23 counties by population is Laramie County with 91,738 people in 2010 whilst the smallest is Niobrara County with just 2,484 people.

Niobrara County covers an area of 2,628 square miles (6,810 square kilometers) which makes it larger in physical size terms then the States of Rhode Island (2,706 square kilometers) or Delaware ((5,060 square kilometers).

9/ The bulk of Yellowstone National Park is contained within the borders of Wyoming in Park County (53%) and Teton County (40.4%).

Yellowstone National Park covers an area of 2,219,791 acres and attracted 3,394,326 visors in 2011. It was the first official National Park in 1872.

10/ The lowest temperature ever recorded in Wyoming was at Riverside in Carbon County on February 9, 1933 when the temperature fell to -66F (-54 centigrade). This is the 4th lowest temperature recorded of the U.S States, with only Utah, Montana and Alaska recording colder temperatures.

(The coldest was in Alaska on January 23, 1971 when at Prospect Creek the temperature fell to -80F (-62 centigrade))

The highest ever recorded temperature in Wyoming was 114 F (46 centigrade) at Basin in Big Horn County on July 12, 1900.

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