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10 Fast Facts About Tennessee:

1/ The official state flag of Tennessee (see below) has an engaging color scheme with a predominantly red background, a blue stripe down the right hand side and three white stars in a blue circle in the center. The symbolism of this is that the three stars represent the three Grand Divisions of Tennessee, Middle, East and West Tennessee. The blue circle around the three stars is meant to represent the unity of the three, whilst the blue bar on the right was simply a design choice and not designed to mean anything in particular.

2/ Samuel Powhatan Carter who born in Elizabethton, Tennessee on August 6, 1819 and is the only person in US History to have a rank of Brevet Major General in the Army, and later become a Rear Admiral in the US Navy.

He started his career in the Navy, but was enlisted into the US Army by Tennessee Senator Andrew Johnson as a Brigadier General at the outbreak of the Civil War to lead a volunteer unit, but crucially did not have to renounce his position in the Navy (Lieutenant at the time). This was presumably because the Senator felt his talents would be of more use in an Army capacity during the war.

He had considerable success in his new role and at the same time as being promoted to Brevet Major General in the Army, was simultaneously promoted to Commander in the US Navy.

At the conclusion of the war he returned to being full-time in the Navy, and was rapidly promoted through the ranks, being promoted to Rear Admiral shortly before his retirement.

He died on May 26, 1891 and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

3/ The official state tree of Tennessee is the Tulip Poplar, the official state mammal is the Raccoon, and the official state fish is the Small-Mouth Bass.

4/ The first female senator was Hattie Caraway who represented Arkansas in the Senate from 1932 to 1945, but was actually born in Bakerville, Tennessee on February 1, 1878. In addition to being the first woman Senator, she was also the first woman to chair a Senate committee, the first woman to preside over the Senate, and the first to preside over a Senate hearing.

Her rise up the political ranks was helped dramatically by the fact that her husband had previously been the Senator for Arkansas before his death in 1931, and the vacancy caused Harvey Parnell, the Arkansas Governor to appoint her to the post. That she then decided to run for re-election was however widely unexpected, and it says much for her grit and determination that she persevered (and succeeded) in getting re-elected.

She spoke so frequently on the floor of the Senate that her (clearly ironic) nickname was 'Silent Hattie'.

5/ The Grand Ol Opry in Nashville Tennessee has the world's longest running live radio program, starting up in 1925, just five years after commercial radio started in the United States, with its unique blend of the biggest stars in country music. The biggest country music stars, including Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, Garth Brooks and many more have all appeared on the stage concert that is held every week and is broadcast on the radio at 7pm, Central Time on Saturday Nights on WSM-AM.

6/ When the Civil War broke out in 1861, Tennessee left the Union last to join with the Confederate cause, and on the flip side when the Civil War ended Tennessee was the first of the confederate states to rejoin the Union.

7/ The highest elevation point in Tennessee can be found at Clingmans Dome at a height of 6,643 feet / 2025 meters.

The state as a whole however has a far lower average elevation of just 900 feet / 270 meters.

8/ The central point geographically of Tennessee lies in the City of Murfreesboro which is in Rutherford County. It is currently experiencing fairly healthy levels of growth and its population has increased from 68,816 residents in the 2000 Census to 108,755 residents in the 2010 Census and has actually doubled in size since 1990. The Real Estate section of MSN listed Murfreesboro as the 12th fastest growing city in the United States with a population over 100,000 in October 2010.

9/ There are 54 State Parks in Tennessee which cover an area of 132,000 acres (530 square kilometers).

10/ Here are some average low and high temperatures (in Fahrenheit) in some different Tennessee Cities in August:

Knoxville - 68 / 87
Bristol - 62 / 84
Nashville - 69 / 89
Chattanooga - 68 / 89
Memphis - 71 / 91

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