A Guide to Home Insurance in Tennessee (TN)

The nature of Tennessee Home Insurance is that like most other types of insurance it is not a topic that is going to set your pulse racing and your heart beating. Homeowners insurance simply isn’t very exciting, but the fact is that the effects of not having any insurance and then experiencing an event like a house fire, or a burglary can be catastrophic. This by necessity then means that whilst sorting out your home insurance is a relatively dull activity that is ideally left to a winter’s day that you cannot afford to wait for the seasons to change before getting it sorted out.

Tennessee has one of the highest fire death rates of any of the states, with numbers that put it firmly in the top ten of the states where you are most likely to die from fire with approximately double the average risk of most other states according to US Fire Administration statistics.

Where there is a fire there is often a family home that has been destroyed, and unless you properly protect that home with good Tennessee Home Insurance Cover then you are seriously putting at risk your families’ ability to recover from any tragedy like a fire.

In addition to the threat from fire, there is also a very real threat from theft, because there are over 250,000 crimes against property every year in Tennessee according to government statistics. With the largest city Memphis consistently being ranked in the top five most dangerous large cities to live (where there is a population of over 500,000) in the United States.

Unless you are covered by a good home policy then it is a bit like playing Russian Roulette every day and simply hoping that your home doesn’t become a victim of either of these factors.

A Tennessee Home Insurance Policy will cover you for both of these as well as a number of other occurrences that are becoming increasingly common.

The first of these is Personal Liability cover which means that in the event that a friend or visitor to your home becomes injured accidentally, and then decides to sue you for pain, suffering, loss of earnings etc., that you would be covered to pursue a legal case to defend yourself.

The second is where the same friend or visitor to your home is injured, but they don’t wish to sue you, but clearly don’t want to be out of pocket to cover any required medical expenses to get themselves fit and well again. In this case then you would be able to make a claim on your Tennessee Home Insurance Plan to cover the costs of any reasonable medical treatment.

Third, in the event that your home did burn down, then not only would it be a nightmare in an emotional sense, but you would also have lost (for most people at least) their primary residence. Hence there would develop an immediate need to pay for alternative accommodation. And here too your home insurance would be able to help.

Lastly, as well as your personal possessions in the home and the main dwelling, you would also be covered (up to certain limits) for outbuildings and garages that were on your land.

What is the Average Cost of Tennessee Home Insurance?

The Government publishes statistics for the average cost of home insurance in the US, gathered together from the different state regulatory bodies.

The average cost of home insurance in Tennessee is $692 a year, which is far lower than neighboring Alabama where the average cost is $845.

Securing a good deal on your insurance is simply a matter of comparing several different companies Tennessee Home Insurance Quotes, making realistic judgments on the quality of each policy and checking out a wide variety before finally buying a plan.


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