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10 Fast Facts About Pennsylvania:

1/ Here are some average low and high temperatures for five different Pennsylvania cities in August (in Fahrenheit):

Philadelphia - 62 / 82
Scranton - 60 / 80
Harrisburg - 66 / 84
Allentown - 62 / 83
Erie - 63 / 79

2/ The official state fish of Pennsylvania is the Brook Trout, the official state bird is the Ruffed Grouse and the official state flower is the Mountain Laurel.

3/ Some famous folk who have been residents of Pennsylvania include:

Gene Kelly (Actor)
W.C Fields (Comedian) - "Ah, the patter of little feet around the house. There's nothing like having a midget for a butler."
Bill Cosby (Actor)
Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly)
Arnold Palmer (Golfer)

4/ The first two Presidents of the United States occupied a mansion at 6th and Market Streets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. George Washington between November 1790 and March 1797, and John Adams between March 1797 and June 1800, before becoming the first President to occupy The White House.

The house had a checkered history after that time being at first put to different uses such as a hotel. But by the middle of the 20th Century the building had been torn down.

The story does have a happy ending though, because a budget of $10.5 million was finally allocated to construct a commemorative exhibition highlighting both the houses history and the history of its residents, some of whom were slaves, and the new 'Presidents House Site' finally opened to the public on Dec 15th 2010.

5/ The Rockville Bridge which crosses the Susquehanna River just south of Marysville, Pennsylvania is the very longest stone masonry arch bridge in the world. It has 48, seventy foot spans, and has a total length of 1,164 meters (3,820 feet). It was opened on the 30th March 1902, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

6/ Pennsylvania can lay claim to having 19 astronauts who were born in the state. Of these 6 were born in Philadelphia, 4 in Pittsburgh, and then one each in Abington, Bristol, Erie, Haverford, Lancaster, Ridley Park, Scranton, Stroudsburg and Uniontown. Amongst this number was the first African American in Space, Guion Bluford, who was born in Philadelphia and flew on the STS-8, STS-61, STS-39 and STS-53 missions.

7/ The highest point in Pennsylvania can be found on the top of Mount Davis at a height of 3,213 feet (979 meters). The average elevation in Pennsylvania is 1,100 feet or 340 meters.

8/ Pennsylvania accounts for nine percent of wooded areas in the United States.

9/ Crayola Crayons have their headquarters in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. They unveiled "The World's Biggest Crayon" at their factory In Oct 2003 which was a monster crayon that weighed in at 1,500 pounds and was 15 foot in length. The crayon was blue in color and had been constructed from lots of leftover crayon pieces that children (and adults...) had sent in from all over the US.

10/ The town of Intercourse, Pennsylvania was the real-life setting for the 1985 thriller Witness, which starred Harrison Ford hiding away in an Amish Community as a consequence of an Amish boy witnessing a murder. The actual local Amish community refused to appear in the film itself (on religious grounds), but did work as electricians and carpenters constructing props and the film set.

Because of the town's unusual name, the sign posts for the town of Intercourse are frequently targeted by thieves.

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