A Guide to Home Insurance in Pennsylvania (PA)

A comprehensive Pennsylvania Home Insurance policy can be a great way of calming the mind during the fairly frequent wind and hail storms in the Keystone State, because at least then you will know that if disaster does strike that you will be properly compensated.

Sorting out good homeowners insurance is not top of most people’s priorities, and yet for most of us the vast bulk of our wealth, our assets and our investments are tied up in the bricks and mortar of the home where we live. So it perhaps should be a greater priority to protect that, then it often is.

One of the ‘problems’ with home insurance in Pennsylvania or most any other state, is that the money we spend on it seems like dead money, right up until the moment that a storm hits, or we get robbed, and then suddenly we are extremely glad that we spent a little time to secure a policy that actually pays out promptly.

There are a number of different factors to consider when looking at which Pennsylvania Home Insurance policy you should buy.

The one that most people focus solely on is the price, and yet often times that is not a particularly good gauge of the value of a policy, or how likely the company is to pay out on a particular claim.  It is all too easy to save a few dollars and yet end up suffering, because you have foregone some facet of cover that would have meant extra protection.

One classic example of this is with the cover that is given to possessions in most policies.

If you read the small print of most Pennsylvania Home Insurance policies then you will find that there are hard limits set on items that are considered to be ‘valuables’, and so unless you have already taken the time to increase your limit on these items, then you could potentially be out of pocket by many thousands of dollars.

The definition of ‘valuables’ does differ between policies, but there is a hard-core of items where maximum payouts are virtually always limited in home insurance plans, and these would include such items as coin collections, fur coats, silver and gold jewelry, cameras, computer equipment and tools.

You need to make sure that before you finally commit to any particular Pennsylvania Home Insurance Plan that you have read through the policy document and checked carefully as to the specific amounts of each of these types of valuables that are covered.

The limits are often quite low and you will find that even a relatively modest computer system or home office can push you over the amount that your home insurance is prepared to pay out on.

In itself this isn’t a big problem, because you can still get enough cover arranged as an add-on to most policies (though you will have to pay an extra premium). But unless you have worked out all the figures in advance then you can end up either not getting enough cover, or paying for too much.

Neither of which scenario is particularly desirable.

To overcome this you should take a detailed home inventory of the possessions in your home, and work out exactly how much worth of ‘valuable’ items you actually have.

What is the Average Cost of Pennsylvania Home Insurance?

One area that is worth knowing is to get a rough idea of the average cost of home insurance in Pennsylvania, so that you can reach a considered judgment on the value for money of different policies.

The US Government publishes statistics for the different states and the average cost of home insurance in Pennsylvania was $586.

This compares well to most other states, and is in the bottom third in terms of overall cost, so there is no excuse for not getting a good policy.

Seek out a range of competitive Pennsylvania Home Insurance Quotes and then carefully assess the value of each before finally making up your mind.


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