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10 Fast Facts About Oklahoma:

1/ To date there has never been a US President who was born in Oklahoma. This is however not as uncommon as you might think, as there are only 21 states where a US President has ever been born.

These are: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.

The largest state (by population) never to have had a US President born there is Florida, which had an estimated population of 19,057,542 people on July 1, 2011.

2/ The official state flag of Oklahoma (see above) is quite distinctive, and consist of a traditional Osage Nation Buffalo Skin with seven eagle feathers on a sky blue background, The symbols on the shield are an olive branch and a calumet (peace pipe), which is intended to show a sign of peace between the Native Americans and the European Americans. The blue background is used because the Choctaw Nation flag that was used during the Civil War had a blue background.

This flag was first adopted in 1925, and superseded an earlier flag that was used between 1911 and 1925 that was a white star with the number 46 in it (Oklahoma were the 46th state to join the Union), on a red background.

This was replaced because the idea of a red flag was a little too closely associated with communist flag symbols for the legislature of Oklahoma's taste, and so a competition was launched to replace the design with a new one.

The current state flag of Oklahoma was designed by Louise Fluke.

3/ There are more than 25 Native American languages spoken in Oklahoma, the most of any state. Oklahoma is estimated to have the fourth highest percentage of its residents being Native Americans (6.8%), and the largest number (262,581) in 2006.

4/ The number of residents of Oklahoma who affiliate themselves as Evangelical Protestants is more than twice the national average, and makes up 53% of the population.

5/ The official state folk dance of Oklahoma is the Square Dance, the official state fossil is Saurophaganax maximus ("lizard eating master") which was a 13 meter long (43 foot) meat eating dinosaur found in Oklahoma during the Late Jurassic period, and the official state soil (yes - there is such a thing!) is Port Silt Loam which is a reddish colored alluvial soil which can be found in 33 of the 77 counties of Oklahoma and which covers over a million acres (4,000 square km).

6/ There have been five astronauts (up to 2012) who were born in Oklahoma. They were respectively born in Enid, Okemah, Shawnee, Weatherford and Wetumka.

7/ The National Cowboy Hall of Fame can be found in Oklahoma City, and has been dedicated to showcasing Cowboy Culture, History and traditions since 1955. Highlights include John Wayne's collection of personal firearms, exhibits relating to Abraham Lincoln and his effect on the frontier states, and a gallery dedicated to the American Rodeo.

8/ The Osage Indian Reservation in Oklahoma has the second largest population of any Indian Reservation in the country (44,437 in 2000), second only to the Navajo Indian Reservation which stretches across New Mexico, Arizona and Utah which had a population of 180,462 in 2000. This is despite the fact that in area terms the Osage Indian Reservation occupies only the 14th largest area of any Indian Reservation, 5,966.8 square km (2,303.8 square miles).

9/ An estimated 17.1% of the land in Oklahoma is forested, and almost 3/4 (72.7%) of it is owned privately, not by the state. The forestry sector in Oklahoma is one of the state's top ten largest manufacturing sectors and employs 9,780 people with an annual payroll of $210 million.

10/ Here are some average low and high temperatures for various cities in Oklahoma in August (in Fahrenheit):

Tulsa - 71 / 93
Oklahoma City - 70 / 92
Lawton - 71 / 95

The lowest recorded temperature in Oklahoma was on the 10th Feb 2011 at Nowata at -31F (-35 centigrade), whilst the highest was on the 27th June 1994 at Tipton and was recorded at 120 F (49 centigrade).

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