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10 Fast Facts About North Dakota:

1/ The flag of North Dakota is one of the more striking state flags with a large eagle centered on a blue background, and the name of the state below it. In one of its talons it is clutching an olive branch, and in the other an arrow. The olive branch is meant to symbolize peace, and the arrow the strength to defend itself from attack. Above the head of the eagle are thirteen stars, which represent the original thirteen colonies, and in the beak of the eagle is displayed the state's motto, "One nation made up of many states".

2/ North Dakota is one of the least populated of all the states in the United States, ranking as 48th least populated state behind Vermont and Wyoming. In fact, apart from a surge in population at the beginning of the 20th Century, the population of North Dakota has stayed virtually static, with 646,972 people living in the state in 1920, compared to 672,591 in 2010.

3/ Over 70% of the population of North Dakota are of either German (47.2%) or Norwegian (30.8%) descent. The town of Minot in North Dakota hosts an annual Scandinavian-American Festival, the largest in North America, to celebrate their Scandinavian Heritage, and there is a Scandinavian Heritage Park also located in the city.

Many of the Germans is North Dakota are actually descended from Russian Germans who emigrated en-masse (approximately 100,000 came to America) with many settling in North Dakota.

It is estimated that 2.5% of the population of North Dakota speaks German.

4/ The official state tree of North Dakota is the American Elm, the official state horse is the Nokota Horse, and the official state bird is the Western Meadowlark.

5/ An attempt to drop the word North from the state name was defeated by the 1947 Legislative Assembly. Again in 1989 the Legislature rejected two resolutions intended to rename the state Dakota.

6/ The word 'Dakota' is actually a Native American name that means friend or ally. It also may be taken to mean 'forever smiling'.

7/ The Social Security Administration keep a database of names in the United States that shows how popular a particular name is by the year. In 2010, the name 'Dakota' was the 293rd most popular name for a male baby, and the 287th most popular for a female baby across the United States as a whole. In the USA as a whole in 2010 there were 1,118 newborn baby boys who were named Dakota, and 1,129 baby girls.

8/ There is a Dinosaur Museum in North Dakota that can be found in Dickinson. They have 11 full-scale dinosaurs housed in a 13,400 square foot display area, and it includes a real Triceratops skeleton, which is one of the best Triceratops skulls ever found. The museum was first established in 1987 when Alice and Larry League (a Professor of Geology at Dickinson State University) donated much of their personal collection of paleontological specimens to get the museum started.

9/ North Dakota's GDP of $32.26 Billion in 2010 was roughly equivalent to the annual GDP of Kenya in the same year ($32.42 billion) based on statistics from the CIA World Factbook.

10/ North Dakota has the most churches per capita of any state. In a 2001 survey in North Dakota only 3% of respondents answered "no religion" on the survey.

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