A Guide to Home Insurance in North Dakota (ND)

Arranging a North Dakota Home Insurance Plan that adequately covers both your home and its possessions is something that you should give a priority to if you are living in a home that isn’t properly covered.

North Dakota has more deaths per million of population than Florida, California and New York according to the US Fire Administration, along with 11,895 cases of theft from property in 2010 and so whilst it is always a good idea to stay optimistic and not get caught up in doom and gloom; the fact is that taking out comprehensive North Dakota Home Insurance Cover is a sensible precaution to take.

There are several elements to homeowners insurance and these are broadly split between cover for the property itself, cover for possessions, loss of use cover and liability cover for the occupants of the home and its visitors, as well as medical cover for visitors.

Home Insurance in North Dakota – Cover Types Explained…

The first type of protection that home insurance offers is for the cost of repair or replacing the building. This would be applicable in particularly bad circumstances, such as where your home had been burned down in a fire and needed to be rebuilt.

This would also cover other structures on the plot of land that you have insured such as garages and outbuildings. But it is important to realize that this is normally limited to just 10% of the overall cover that the insurance provides, and so if you have particularly elaborate outbuildings, or have a purpose built or renovated office in your garden for example, then you should certainly consider getting extra separate cover.

Also, it is important to be aware that any North Dakota Home Insurance you buy is NOT going to cover you for flooding, mudslides or erosion. And so if you live in a region like Bismarck, ND or Watford City, ND which is in a potential flood zone; then you may want to strongly consider taking out specialist flood insurance which will cover you. If you cannot find flood insurance at a good price privately, then be aware that you can always turn to the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) for cover, as this is a federally operated program that will offer cover even when private insurers will not.

Cover for Possessions is fairly self-explanatory, but you should note that there are often different definitions in policy documents as to what is considered a “valuable”; and these will typically have firm limits placed upon them.

It is a good idea to take a proper home inventory of the contents of your home so that you know exactly the items that you do have in your possession. Within this it is also a good idea to note down all the fixtures and fittings such as carpets and curtains, as these will cost considerable amounts to replace, but are often forgotten when working out what you actually own.

Cover for Possessions would normally be up to 50% of the total amount of cover, and especially with items like gold, jewelry, cash, securities, fur coats, cameras, rare manuscripts and stamp or coin collections; you should be careful to list these items separately on any policy to ensure that they are properly covered.

Loss of use cover on a North Dakota Home Insurance policy comes into play if for example your home was burned down by fire. It would pay out for you to stay elsewhere, such as in a hotel, whilst it was being rebuilt or refurbished. This is normally limited to around twenty-percent of the total amount that is being covered.

Personal liability cover is important because if someone were to become involved in an accident in your home, then they could potentially sue you for loss of earnings, pain and suffering and all manner of other legal nasties.
With a North Dakota Home Insurance policy you would be covered for this eventuality, and would not be burdened down with unmanageable legal costs.

Finally, it may simply be that someone else hurts themselves in your home. They might be your friend and don’t want to sue you, but they don’t want to have to pay for their medical treatment either. This portion of any policy means that you can stay friends, because all of their reasonable medical expenses would be taken care of by the insurance.

What is the Average Cost of North Dakota Home Insurance?

Once you have decided to get a homeowners policy, then it is useful to have an idea about what the typical costs of a policy are so that you can plan accordingly.

The US Government publishes statistics into insurance costs and the average cost of home insurance in North Dakota is $808.

For an immediate idea of what is available get a selection of North Dakota Home Insurance Quotes right now and see what is currently available and at what price.


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