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10 Fast Facts About New York State:

1/ The official state tree of New York is the Sugar Maple, the official state mammal is the Beaver, and the official state flower is the Rose.

2/ Both the city and the state of New York were named after the 17th Century Duke of York, James Stuart who would become the future James II and VII King of England, Scotland and Ireland. He was the last Catholic Monarch to reign over the Kingdoms of England, Ireland and Scotland.

3/ The highest point in New York State is on the top of Mount Marcy at 5,343 feet (1629 meters), whilst the average elevation in the state as a whole is an even 1,000 feet (300 meters).

4/ The New York Post is the 13th oldest newspaper published in the United States, but is reckoned to be the oldest daily newspaper to have been continually published, having been founded on November 16th, 1801. The Hartford Courant was founded earlier in 1764, but was only semi-weekly, and didn't begin publishing daily until 1836. Whilst The New Hampshire Gazette was founded in 1756, but also only as a weekly newspaper.

5/ In 1789 George Washington took his oath as President on the balcony at Federal Hall overlooking Wall Street. Once the ceremony was complete the gathered crowd below let out three loud cheers, and the President returned to the senate chamber to deliver his inaugural address

6/ The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the United States to mark the Centennial of the American Declaration of Independence. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York Harbor on October 28th, 1886. The designs was by Frederic Bartholdi and irepresents Libertas, the Roman Goddess of Freedom, who carrys a torch and a tablet (had he have designed this now then it might have been an iPad!) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4th 1776.

The statue was NOT originally green. It was a dull copper color. The green color is called verdigris, and is caused by the oxidation of the copper. It wasn't until 1906 that the verdigris had completely covered the statue and we are left with the green statue that we see today.

It was declared a national monument in 1924 by President Calvin Coolidge.

7/ Here are some normal low and high temperatures in Fahrenheit for various cities in New York State in August:

New York City - 20 / 28
Buffalo - 16 / 26
Albany - 14 / 27
Long Beach - 18 / 28
Syracuse - 15 / 27

8/ New York City has an over 31 times larger population than the next biggest city in New York State (8,175,133 people in New York City as compared to 261,310 people in Buffalo) according to the 2010 Census.

9/ Hartsdale in New York is home to the first pet cemetery in the United States. It was founded in 1896 by a New York Vet, Dr Samuel Johnson to serve as a burial plot for his bereaved friend's dog, and since that time has become the resting place for over 70,000 pets. It also contains some people's cremated remains, as they wanted to be buried with their beloved pets.

10/ According to a 2004 estimate, 35.9% of the population of New York City are foreign-born. Looked at in terms of boroughs the percentage of foreign born residents was:

Queens - 46.1%
Brooklyn - 37.8%
Manhattan - 29.4%
The Bronx - 29%
Staten Island - 16.4%

New York State as a whole has a foreign-born population of an estimated 21.7% in 2011, as compared to 12.7% in the United States as a whole, according to data from the US Census Bureau.

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