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10 Fast Facts About Nebraska:

1/ Nebraska was one of the last states to adopt an official flag (see below) in 1963. In terms of public approval it also, unfortunately, really wasn't worth the wait, as the Nebraska flag was rated in a survey by the North American Vexillological Association ('Flag Experts') as 71st out of 72 U.S. and Canadian flags, making it the second-worst flag in the survey. The 'worst' rated flag in the survey was Georgia, but they changed the design of their flag two years after the survey in 2001, and so in reality Nebraska now has the most underwhelming official state flag design in terms of public approval.

2/ The lowest ever recorded temperature in Nebraska was at Camp Clarke on the 12th February 1899, when the thermometer registered a decidedly chilly -47 Fahrenheit (-44 Centigrade). The highest temperature ever recorded in Nebraska was at Minden on the 24th July 1936 and was measured at 118 Fahrenheit (48 Centigrade).

3/ The population of Nebraska has grown from 28,841 in 1860 to 1,826,341 in 2010.

4/ Despite the rise in population over the years there has been a real movement away from rural towns in Nebraska into the big cities. Eighty-nine percent of the cities in Nebraska have fewer than 3,000 people. A characteristic that Nebraska shares with five other Midwestern states: Kansas, Oklahoma, North and South Dakota, and Iowa.

5/ Marlon Brando's mother, Dorothy Brando, gave Henry Fonda (May 16th 1905 - August 12th 1982) acting lessons at the Omaha Community Playhouse in 1925. He would go on to many big movie roles, and would eventually win a Best Actor Oscar for 'On Golden Pond' just a few months before he died in 1982.

6/ Kool-Aid is "cool....". it was created by Edwin Perkins in 1927 in the fine city of Hastings. And Hastings celebrates the event of its main historical landmark in the second weekend of each and every August with "Kool-Aid Days". Kool-Aid is also now the official soft drink of Nebraska.

7/ The world's largest train yard, The Union Pacific's Bailey Yard is the world's largest train yeard and is locatedin North Platte, Nebraska.

The yard has 315 miles of railway track, including 16 point of departure tracks, and 18 receiving tracks.

8/ The Union Pacific Railroad is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, and is the largest railroad network in the United States.

9/ Strobe lighting was invented by Harold E. Edgerton in 1931. Edgerton was born in Fremont, Nebraska in 1903, and he used a flashing lamp to study of moving objects. This eventually resulted in dramatic photographs of objects such as bullets in flight, and the gait of racing horses as they ran.

10/ The official state mammal of Nebraska is the Whitetail Deer, the official state bird is the Western Meadowlark, and the official state fish is the Channel Catfish.

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