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10 Fast Facts About Maine:

1/ The official state flag of Maine (see above) was adopted in 1909. At its center you can see a version of the state seal which has a farmer and a seaman, two of Maine's principal occupations. The pine tree is meant to be symbolic of the forests of Maine, and the moose is meant to symbolize the abundance of wildlife in the state. At the top is a ribbon which has the states motto written on it in Latin, "Dirigo", which means "I Lead", and in the ribbon below it is the word "MAINE".

2/ Maine has an abundance of forests and unlike other states where most of them have been cut down, the majority of Maine is still forested. In fact 88.3% of Maine is forested (the largest percentage of any state) and Forestry is by far the largest manufacturing sector, employing 31,562 people, or 29.1% of the manufacturing workforce, which generates an annual payroll of $913 million.

3/ The highest point in Maine can be found at the summit of Mount Katahidin, which is 5,270 feet (1606.4 meters) high.

4/ On average Maine has fewer than twenty days with thunderstorms a year, and only two tornadoes a year (which if they tend to happen at all, occur in the southern part of the state).

5/ The average low and high temperatures for some cities in Maine in August:

Portland - 57 / 77
Augusta - 58 / 79
Caribou - 53 / 74

6/ The record lowest temperature in Maine is -50F (-46C) which was set in January 2009 at Big Black River. The record highest temperature in Maine is 105 F (41 centigrade) which was set at North Bridgton in July 1911.

7/ The official state flower of Maine is the white pine cone and tassel, the official state mammal is the moose, and the official state fish is the landlocked salmon.

8/ If you are a lover of eating lobster then silently say "Thank You!" to Maine, because almost 90%, or 40 million pounds of the nation's supply of lobsters are caught off the coastline of Maine.

9/ Another area where Maine is dominant is in the growing of blueberries. Maine produces around 25% of the United States' blueberries, making it the largest blueberry producer in the world. And if you need to pick any of the blueberry skin out of your teeth, then you are also in luck, because the biggest manufacturers of toothpicks in the whole U.S can be found in Maine, specifically in the town of Strong, where a jaw-busting 20 million toothpicks are produced every day!

10/ The population of Maine has grown relatively modestly in comparison to many other states. In 1850 for example, the population of Maine was 583,169 people, which at the time was over five times greater than the population of California at only 92,597. However, by 2010, whilst the population of Maine had only grown to 1,328,361, the population of California had grown to 37,253,956 people.

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