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10 Fast Facts About Florida:

1/ If you are a lover of pretty sea shells then Florida has the perfect museum for you! Located at 3075 Sanibel-Captiva Road in Sanibel, Florida, the Bailey-Matthews Museum has over 150,000 mollusks on display. It began with a bequest in 1984 of $10,000 worth of shells from a local Florida Shell Collector, Rolland McMurphy, and has since expanded its collection and exhibitions.

2/ Dr John Gorrie moved to Apalachicola in Florida in 1833, and is widely recognized as the inventor of the ice making machine which received patent number 8080 on the 6th May 1851. You can find a statue of Gorrie in the town square in Apalachicola, Gorrie Square, and a local bridge is also named after him.

3/ Miami in Florida has an average daily mean temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and also has a temperature of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit on every day of the year.

4/ The biggest freshwater lake in Florida is Lake Okeechobee which covers an area of 730 miles square, but only has an average depth of nine feet. It covers an area that is about half the size of ALL of Rhode Island! Which makes it the 7th biggest freshwater lake in the United States.

5/ If you are a rollerblader and need some fast cash then you are in luck if you visit Miami in Florida! This is because Miami was the first city in the US where a bank has installed an automated teller machine especially designed for rollerbladers.

6/ The state flag of Florida (see below) was officially adopted in 1899. The red cross is symbolic of the Confederate Flag, whilst at the heart are various symbolic representations, such as a steamboat to represent commerce, a tree to stand for justice, victory and honor, a Native American tossing around flowers to represent hope and joy, and a sun to symbolize the state governments authority.

7/ Florida first entered the Union on the 3rd March 1845.

8/ At its peak of production in 1929 Ybor City in Florida was commonly known as the 'Cigar Capital of the World', because 500 million cigars were rolled in that year in the factories of the city. That dramatically declined after this time as the Great Depression hit hard. But there is still an interesting Cigar Museum in Ybor City which recounts the role of Cigars in the cities history if you are ever passing through the Tampa area.

9/ Lake DeFuniak has almost 40 acres of water body and is one of only two almost perfectly round spring fed lakes in the world. You can find it in Chipley Park in the city of DeFuniak Springs, which also has the distinction of being home to the oldest operating library in the state of Florida, which was setup in 1886.

10/ There are 185 miles of local waterways in Fort Lauderdale, and as a result it has sometimes been referred to as the 'Venice of America'.

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