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10 Fast Facts About Colorado:

1/ The Grand Mesa National Forest is the home to the place that the Indians call 'Thunder Mountain'.

2/ Throughout the history of Colorado there have been many mining booms and busts that have drawn miners to places in the state for a short time, only to see them quickly leave when the precious metal of choice ran dry. It is for this reason that Colorado has almost as many ghost towns (over 500) as they do ones that still have residents in them (650).

3/ The world's largest rodeo is held every year in Denver, Colorado at the Western Stock Show (normally around mid to late January). The show has ran since 1906, and now boasts over three quarters of a million visitors every year to the event.

4/ You can find the tallest sand dune in the United States just outside of Alamosa at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. These were formed as a result of wind and ocean waters over a million years ago, and cover an area of 46,000 acres, with the tallest peaks coming in at over 700 feet!

5/ Rocky Ford Colorado can be found in the Arkansas Valley and has a population of around four to five thousand people. It has been fondly called 'The Watermelon Capital of the World' because of its famous local delicacy, and every year there is a Watermelon Day Parade.

6/ It is sobering to realize how quickly towns have risen and fallen in Colorado with gold rushes. The town of Nevadaville which is in Gilpin County now having just six residents, but in 1861 it had over 1,000 at the height of the gold rush. (It never exceeded Denver's population however, which you may read elsewhere. In 1860 the population of Denver was 4,749, compared to 600,158 in 2010).

7/ If home brewing beer is your thing than Colorado could be the place for you! Per Capita, Colorado has more micro-breweries than any other state in the US.

8/ The oldest military port in Colorado is Fort Garland, which was established by Kit Carson in 1858.

9/ The infamous 'Doc' Holliday of 'Gunfight at the OK Corral' fame (His actual name was John Henry "Doc" Holliday) died of tuberculosis on the 8th Nov 1887 at the Hotel Glenwood, Colorado which is near to the world's largest natural hot springs pool which can be found at Glenwood Springs (he was 36). This was over six years after the gunfight (which apparently only lasted about 30 seconds) occured on the 26th Oct 1881 in Tombstone, Arizona.

10/ The Denver Liquor License Number 1 is held by The Buckhorn Exchange which was founded on the 17th Nov 1893 by Henry Zietz, and can be found at 1000 Osage Street in Denver, Colorado.

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