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10 Fast Facts About Arkansas:

1/ The state flag of Arkansas (see picture below) was adopted in 1913 and has quite a lot of symbolic meanings. There are twenty-five stars around the edge of the inner triangle, which represent that Arkansas was the 25th State to join the Union. Whilst the single large star above the Arkansas name is to commemorate the state's role in the confederacy during the Civil War. The three stars below the name are representative of Spain, France and the United States and the fact that Arkansas was the third state that was created from the Louisiana Purchase.

2/ The Wal-Mart Stores were founded by Sam Walton in Bentonville, Arkansas.

3/ The official state insect of Arkansas is the honeybee, whilst the Mockingbird is the official state bird.

4/ Popeye would probably feel most at home in Alma in Arkansas, because it proudly proclaims itself as 'The Spinach Capital of the World'.

5/ Arkansas has a proud political tradition of encouraging female politicians, with Hattie Caraway being the first woman elected to the US Senate in 1932.

6/ There are over 9,700 miles of rivers and streams in Arkansas, and over 600,000 acres of lakes.

7/ If you are a big fan of barbecues then you should be sure to stop by Magnolia in Arkansas, which has the world's largest barbecue grill at over seventy plus feet in length at the 'Boys Toys' Store in the town.

8/ There are 50 state parks in Arkansas, as well as two and half million acres of National Forests.

9/ If you are looking for something a little 'interesting' to do whilst you are in Arkansas, then be sure to visit Stuttgart which every year hosts 'The World Championship Duck Calling Contest'.

10/ The official state drink of Arkansas is Milk, which was designated as such in 1985.

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