A Guide to Home Insurance in Arkansas (AR)

When considering Arkansas Home Insurance and which policy is going to work out best for you, there are a number of different factors to consider.

The first is that getting good home insurance cover in Arkansas is not something that you should leave to chance.  In all likelihood your biggest single investment is in the bricks and mortar of your home, and so it makes sense to get it properly covered.

In addition the contents of your home will most likely add up to many tens of thousands of dollars once you have factored in all the carpets, kitchen equipment, electrical equipment and furniture in addition to the more personal items that we all typically think about when looking to get some homeowners insurance.

The US Census Bureau has released statistics about the average costs of homeowners insurance throughout the United States, and these are quite revealing in terms of the wide disparity between states that are more expensive to insure, and those that are cheaper.

The latest statistics that were collated from the different State Insurance Departments across the United States and released in 2011, revealed that the average home insurance cost in the United States was $822 in 2007, and that Arkansas was actually a little cheaper than that, with the average Arkansas Home Insurance costing $762.

This can properly be seen in perspective if you consider that a state like Florida costs over twice that amount on average, with average home insurance premiums in Florida in 2007 being $1,534 per year.

How To Get Better Than Average Arkansas Home Insurance!

There are a number of factors to consider when exploring how to get better than average Arkansas Home Insurance, and I will list some of those factors here:

1/ Shop around for a wide variety of Arkansas Home Insurance Quotes

Long gone are the days when you had to sit passively at home waiting for your Arkansas Home Insurance Agent to call on you to tell you what was available in the way of insurance. Because these days you can now check multiple Arkansas home insurance quotes online and very quickly reach a considered judgement as to which is going to work best for you.

This is especially true with price, because it is very easy to compare prices first before digging into the detail of what a particular policy really covers you for.

2/ Don’t Just Decide On The Basis of Price!

The big advantage of the internet has also seen the rise of a contradictory disadvantage. Namely that it  is easy to get carried away with lower prices, but not really properly research both the integrity of the Arkansas Home Insurance Company that you are considering buying a policy with, and also the specifics of the policy in terms of the policy wording and what you may or may not be covered for.

These are important considerations with any type of insurance because the harsh reality is that the devil is often in the details, and it is as important to know what you are NOT covered for, as with what you are covered for.

3/ Consider What You Are NOT Covered For And Plan Accordingly

So, with an average Arkansas Home Insurance policy you will NOT be covered for:

Damage caused by flooding
Damage caused by war
Mold or Fungus
Dry Rot
Earth Movement
Damage caused by Power Failures
And typically you would only have LIMITED coverage for any of the following:
Fire Arms
Stamp Collections
Coin Collections

Now, for most people MANY of these items can be big expenditures.

For example, if you are a woman with an extensive jewelry collection, or you keep large amounts of cash at home.

If you ever get robbed and have not taken the time to both thoroughly read through your policy, and check that you ARE covered then you could find that the insurance company will simply not pay out on your home insurance claim.

So what can you do?

Firstly it is really important that you take a proper inventory of all your possessions before you finally decide on which Arkansas Home Insurance policy is going to be best for you.

Read the exclusions of any policy very carefully, and if they particularly impact on some possessions that you have then you need to phone up the insurance company and discuss with them about separately adding them to your insurance policy.

It would also be a good idea to photograph any personal possessions that you have, and find receipts or proof of purchase for those items and then collate all that information into a file.

If at all possible you should then store that file OUTSIDE your home, perhaps at your workplace office, so that if you ever did get robbed at home, or the house (heaven forbid) burned down, that you would still be able to quickly produce evidence that you had purchased what you said you did.

Doing this can dramatically speed up the claims process and also will put your mind at ease, because any unusual items like stamp collections or particularly expensive jewelry can be covered with individual policies if you have made sure to have them individually recognised by the insurance company (naturally there is likely to be an extra premium involved.)

This may all sound like a lot of work, but the fact is that it will not only save you enormous headaches in the event of a problems (when you least need new ones!) But will also impact dramatically on the likelihood of the Arkansas Home Insurance Company paying out fully and quickly on your claim.

To get started first go and get a selection of Arkansas Home Insurance Quotes so that you get a better idea about the potential costs of your homeowner insurance in Arkansas, and then be sure to read through all of the policy documents carefully and have a chat to a representative at the insurance company BEFORE purchasing to make sure that all of your possessions are properly protected by any policy.


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