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10 Fast Facts About Alaska:

1/ The largest oil field in North America can be found in Alaska at Prudhoe Bay.

2/ There are on average 156 moose killed every year in and around Anchorage.

3/ The spectacular Northern Lights can on average be seen on two-hundred and forty nights of the year in Fairbanks, Alaska.

4/ By law you are not allowed to have billboards along the side of highways in Alaska.

5/ The official state flower of Alaska is the Wild Forget-Me-Not which was adopted by the State Legislature of Alaska in 1917.

6/ When Alaskans go on holiday their favorite vacation spot (based on average number of visits) is Hawaii.

7/ Earthquakes are very common in Alaska, with over 1,000 earthquakes every year that measure in excess of 3.5 or higher on the Richter Scale, and an average of 50 to 100 earthquakes of all sizes every DAY.

8/ The State of Rhode Island is smaller than the Malaspina Glacier in Alaska.

9/ Alaska has an impressive shoreline of some 6,640 miles of mainland coastal shores, and a whopping 33,904 miles if you also include the shores around the islands of Alaska.

10/ Alaska has the lowest population density of any of the US States.

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