How To Get Motor Home Insurance Coverage WITHOUT Breaking The Bank!  

How To Get Motor Home Insurance Coverage WITHOUT Breaking The Bank!

Motor homes don't quite meet the definition of vehicle, or the definition of a house. They're both, and neither. So what kind of insurance do you need when you're coving your motor home – homeowners insurance or vehicle insurance? The answer is neither. While you can technically cover your motor home with auto insurance, it won't take care of you in every contingency. It's a better idea to purchase specialty motor home insurance coverage to cover your investment. While this may sound expensive, it doesn't have to be. There are a number of companies that offer this kind of specialty insurance, and, as with any other kind of insurance, you have the opportunity to compare and contrast various plans.

Motor home policies provide important standard and optional coverage that you can't get in conventional auto policies, and they don't provide some of the unnecessary coverages of those policies. This means that you get the coverage you need on your motor home, without paying for extras that you won't use. Commonly, motor home insurance includes comprehensive coverage for collision, fire, smoke, flood, landslide, hail and storms, animals, vandalism and theft, and lightning. They also cover attached accessories such as your awning and satellite dish. Motor home coverage will also provide emergency expenses, such as hotel rates if your home is damaged or destroyed by a loss more than 50 miles from your primary residence. Campsite coverage provides liability insurance when you are parked and using the vehicle as your residence.

Specialty motor home insurance is important to protect your vehicle. It doesn't have to cost a bundle, though. To get the cheapest motor home insurance, check with several companies and compare plans carefully before choosing your policy. Double check to make sure that the policy you're considering covers your peripheral attached accessories and the contents of the home as well as the vehicle itself. You don't want to get caught without protection for your belongings. If you need to cut costs, try raising your deductible to secure a lower monthly premium. This will increase your out of pocket payment should you need to make a claim, however, so do this carefully. You can find an assortment of companies that will cover your motor home by looking online, or in your local phone book. Try checking into the background of your prospective insurer to make sure that they have the financial solidity you'll need in case you need to make a claim. It's important to know that your insurer can back you up in an emergency. Other things to check on include their handling of claims, rate of premium increases, and general customer satisfaction. You want to be sure that your insurer will treat you well, and isn't just out to make a profit. If you shop carefully, and look for the right kind of specialty insurance, you can know that your motor home is covered, without having to worry about high premiums. Motor home insurance is an important way to protect your investment.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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