What is the Best Homeowner Insurance Rate? (And How Do You Get It!)  

What is the Best Homeowner Insurance Rate? (And How Do You Get It!)

Whether this is your first home or you're an old pro at the real estate game, you'll find that one thing you simply cannot do without is good home insurance. Most national statistics place property damage and theft claims at around 80 percent of all claims payments; as you can see from this figure, homeowner's insurance can be a necessity in difficult times in your household's life. The fact remains, though, that with the wide variety of policies available, it can be a little overwhelming to get the best rates or even know whats out there. If you keep in mind the tips below, however, you'll be able to keep your head above water and see things a bit more clearly.

The first thing, and probably the most important one, is shop around! Insurance companies are businesses like any other and they do need to stay competitive. Don't be afraid to get quotes from a number of different agencies and keep in mind that it is very possible to work with your insurance agency in order to get the cheapest deal that still meets your needs.

Similarly, know your situation. Be realistic about what you can and cannot afford and also about what you really need. For instance, if you believe your home to be relatively sound and don't foresee much in the way needing insurance in the next few years, consider a plan with a higher deductible. While you pay more if anything does happen, having a lower premium can definitely help you save money that you can put into things like improving your home. Be risk cognizant! Keep in mind what natural perils you might be facing and plan accordingly.

Further in the vein of knowing your situation, educate yourself on what you can do to keep insurance costs low. For instance, if you have a home security system set up, be sure to let you insurance company know! This is almost certainly something they will lower rates for, as your property will be considered less of a risk. Pools and trampolines are considered to be fairly risky by insurance companies, but even here you can do things to mitigate your risks.

Also, refer to your state's Department of Insurance. This is a public works agency that is meant to help the private citizen deal with insurance and you can use them to ferret out the best deals. As your state's Department of Insurance will also display complaints about insurance agencies, you will also be able to find agencies with a clean record.

Affordable homeowner's insurance that still covers what you need it to is certainly an attainable goal, and remember that in the long run, with 96 percent of all homeowners purchasing insurance, it is a necessity, not a luxury.


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