The Layman’s Guide to Getting Inexpensive Dental Insurance  

The Layman�s Guide to Getting Inexpensive Dental Insurance

How does a normal person go about finding reliable, yet reasonably priced dental insurance? Dental insurance is sometimes included with your health insurance policy, but it can also be a separate policy. Although both are usually offered by an employer, dental insurance is unique in that it is typically affordable. Since regular check-ups and teeth cleanings are commonly covered 100% by dental insurance companies, those who purchase dental insurance see a return on their investment in a short period of time. Those of us who love the occasional (or maybe not so occasional) piece of chocolate or hard candy, might require more than just regular checkups. In that case, procedures such as fillings and crowns would be covered up to a certain percentage, depending on the benefits chosen.

Do your children need braces? Orthodontic care can also be provided at a lower cost to you when you obtain dental insurance. And yes, your child will probably have every color of metal in his/her mouth during the time they wear their braces. They have to be stylish, right?

Depending on your needs, whether you are an individual or have a family, there are several inexpensive dental insurance options available. The one that protects you and your family from the most out-of-pocket dental costs (again, depending on your needs) is the right choice.

The least expensive choice is usually a DHMO, or Dental Health Maintenance Organization. The advantage to this dental insurance is you are guaranteed professional services by a qualified dentist. Although some treatments may involve a co-payment, the cost of the treatment would be significantly lower. On the flip side, professional dentists want to offer their services because they are paid directly by the insurance company and the DHMO plans reward them for helping their patients remain healthy. This in turn keeps insurance costs low. In other words, everyone benefits!

If you like the freedom of choosing your own dentist, such as Uncle Bob, then an Indemnity insurance plan might be appealing. Normally, a portion of the dentist’s fee or a previously determined dollar amount is paid by this plan. You would be responsible for any difference between the amount paid and the dentist’s actual fee.

Even less expensive than Indemnity dental plans is a Preferred Provider Organization or PPO. With this plan, a list of dentists (sometimes referred to as a network) is given from which to choose. The dentists listed are ones who have contracted with the PPO to basically provide their services at a ‘sale’ prices. You may choose a dentist who isn’t listed in the network, but be prepared for higher out-of-pocket costs.

Are you one who prefers to adhere to a detailed budget? A Scheduled Reimbursement Plan may just the dental plan for which you are looking. With this plan you are provided with a directory of all possible dental procedures and the amount that will be reimbursed to you or the amount you’ll need to pay.

Last, but not least, for those who don’t have insurance coverage offered to them by their employer or who have insufficient coverage, discount cards are a money saving option. These permit you and your family to use any service needed using a dental network. All fees are based on discounts given by the dentists listed in the network. There is a membership fee, but the cost is minimal when compared to the savings.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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