Exploring Dental Orthodontic Insurance - A Step By Step Guide  

Exploring Dental Orthodontic Insurance - A Step By Step Guide

Just the mention of braces makes most parents cringe. Relax moms and dads, orthodontic dental insurance can help. What is dental orthodontic insurance? It is dental insurance specifically meant to make the cost of general orthodontic care and equipment more reasonable. Just like any other insurance, a monthly or yearly premium will be paid and the insurance provider will in turn pay for part of your orthodontic care. The maximum amount varies between providers. There are companies that will provide up to 50% of orthodontic care costs.

Be aware, when it comes to dental insurance, the orthodontic insurance may or may not be covered under a basic dental policy. Supplementary orthodontic coverage can be purchased separately to cover costs. Do you have dental insurance currently? Contact your provider and inquire as to whether orthodontic coverage is even provided under your policy. Ask the following questions:

1) Does the plan cover orthodontic treatment such as braces?
2) At what percentage are braces and related costs covered?
3) Are there any limitations to coverage? For example, age, maximum dollar amount, etc.?
4) Does the policy cover visits and treatment or just visits?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can determine whether or not an additional policy might benefit your family.

Another insurance policy? C’mon! Here is something to think about: the average dental insurance policy will cover up to $1,000 maximum of dental costs. Once the amount of $1,000 is reached, all other expenses become the sole responsibility of the customer. Since braces cost more than $1,000, it is reasonable to consider an additional policy to cover orthodontic costs if there is someone in the family who will require braces in the future. Make sure you apply for coverage before it is actually needed. Insurance companies may claim there was a pre-existing condition if you wait until the need for braces is imminent.

It is natural to worry about the cost of braces, checkups, retainers, x-rays, monthly adjustments or other orthodontic measures that your child may need. However, orthodontic dental insurance benefits can help pay for all of the above and also for visits to specialists, if needed. If in the event your child’s braces are damaged, some orthodontic policies will provide benefits for repairs.

Braces become affordable through orthodontic dental insurance. Often, families don’t obtain orthodontic care for their child or children due to it being cost-prohibitive. Studies have shown however that this type of care is most beneficial when administered in the early years rather than later in life. With this insurance, families, whether it be children or adults, don’t have to ruin the budget by getting their teeth straightened.

Don’t mistake orthodontic work as being simply cosmetic. Yes, young people feel better about themselves when they have straight teeth, but that’s not the primary reason to consider whether or not to go ahead with braces. If you have uneven or crooked teeth, your ability to chew food can be marred. It’s a ‘domino effect’: proper chewing helps to ensure proper digestion which helps the body function well which results in being healthy overall. Having orthodontic dental insurance enables families’ to get the work done in due time.


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