How To Get A Home Owner Insurance Quote in Florida  

How To Get A Home Owner Insurance Quote in Florida

As you probably know if you own a home in Florida, the rates for homeowners insurance in Florida is rising quickly. The damages from hurricanes in recent years have driven the rates up to record levels. Some insurance companies have even ceased offering insurance in this high risk state. This leaves homeowners in the lurch in the area of coverage for their home. There is hope, however, so don't despair. Here are some tips to help you get a great home owner insurance quote in Florida.

One thing that will help you get a good rate on your homeowners insurance in Florida is your location. If you are situated right on the beach or close to the ocean, you can expect some pretty high rates. If you live inland, you are less likely to experience devastation from hurricanes or major flooding. Policies inland can be less than half of a similar home close to the ocean. So be prepared to pay more the closer you are to the water.

A great way to find a good homeowners insurance company in Florida is to ask your friends and neighbors. This is particularly helpful if you find someone who has been in their home for a long period of time, since they have a longer perspective. Talking to someone who has made a claim with their insurance company can tell you a lot about speed and service, two very important things. Just remember, referrals are one of the best ways to find a great service.

One way to get several quotes at once is to chose a site that represents several different companies. Some of these companies include and ChoiceOne Insurance. This way you can put your information in once and receive multiple quotes. It can also be nice because you know exactly which companies offer insurance in your area. It can sometimes be difficult to find an insurance company that insures high risk areas in Florida. If you prefer a larger brand, you can always go to that company's website and put in your location. They should be able to tell you if insurance is available in your area.

No matter who gives you a quote, you should always verify their credibility. One way to accomplish this is to contact the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. You can go to their website, which is to obtain information about complaints and ratings for your chosen insurance company. This site can also help answer any of your questions regarding your home owners insurance policy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some insurance companies use your credit as a factor when calculating your premiums. Before requesting a quote, ask if they do this. If so, be cautious of putting to many requests out there. Multiple inquiries in a short period of time can damage your credit score and keep you from getting the best deal.

If you follow a few simple guidelines, you can get a great quote on Florida homeowners insurance with a minimum of fuss.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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