All About Full Coverage Dental Plans - What's Covered?  

All About Full Coverage Dental Plans - What's Covered?

There are many kinds of dental plans available to help you care for your teeth. Full coverage dental plans offer you a means to help defray the costs related to keeping your teeth and mouth in the best condition possible. Full coverage dental plans are ones that enlist dentists to participate in the plan at a reduced fee schedule. Members of the plan are then referred to these dentists. This gets you lower fees. Dentists outside this network may charge you the difference between the amount the plan covers and the amount they charge for a given service.

Unfortunately for people insured by full coverage dental plans, dental costs have risen, while maximum payable benefits per year have remained stagnant. The maximum amount your plan will pay per year is probably about $1000. This is the same as the average maximum benefit during the 1970s. Since then, inflation has caused dental costs to more than triple, while full coverage insurance has remained the same. This is something to consider if you're looking into a full coverage dental plan. You should also, however, keep in mind that even a dental benefit that's lower than it ought to be is better than no dental benefit at all.

The best maximum yearly coverage usually comes from large insurers who offer plans through big companies that employ a lot of people. This is because big corporations can usually afford more comprehensive coverages while getting a good group discount. Small companies may find that they have trouble getting a good yearly maximum for their employees because they are not purchasing enough plans.

Full coverage plans generally pay for all or most dental procedures. This includes specialist dental procedures such as root canals, crowns, and oral surgery. Many less expensive plans only cover basic dental work. Some full coverage plans may even cover limited cosmetic dental work, but this is rare. You should read over the specifics for your full coverage dental plan to find out what they cover before you sign the paperwork. Many dental plans have waiting periods before certain types of coverage begin. These often include major procedures like crowns and root canals. If you know this in advance, you can plan your dental work accordingly. If not, you could find yourself stuck with the bill.

As with any dental plan, the coverage offered by your “full coverage” plan may vary between plans and companies. Each insurance company plays by their own rules and has their own internal requirements and regulations. This is why it's important to check everything on an individual basis and make sure that your plan lines up with your expectations. Full coverage plans are a great option for people looking for insurance that will help them pay for major dental work, but each plan is a little different. If you're hoping to get insurance for your dental procedures, shop carefully and you'll be sure to find the full coverage plan that does what you need it to!   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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