Dental Procedures - What Dental Procedures Are Available When You Find A Dentist?  

Dental Procedures - What Dental Procedures Are Available When You Find A Dentist?

Thinking about the dentist might make you picture drills and mirrors. But there are many other procedures available at your dentist besides just cleaning and fillings. Modern technology has made getting a dental appointment and the related procedures painless and hassle-free. From the latest in modern anesthetics to new cosmetic dental procedures, here are just a few of the things available to you when you find your new dentist.

Decay used to mean a filling, and possibly the loss of a tooth. Light decay can sometimes be treated by changing your diet and using fluoride rinses now. If you've got any marked amount of dental caries, you'll still have to have a filling. However, new ways of abrading away the decayed tooth mean that you might not even have to have anesthetic. Fillings are no longer limited to just the old mercury/silver amalgam. Routinely, we're seeing new advances in tooth-colored fillings that leave your teeth pristine and white.

If you have severe dental caries, you'll have to have more serious treatments. Root canals are now easier and more successful than ever before, meaning you have a greater chance of keeping your tooth. Once upon a time, everyone used to assume that once you reached a certain age, you'd be short a few teeth, or even have dentures. Now, even badly decayed teeth can have root canals and crowns. Crowns are available in porcelain and other materials as well as gold, to match your existing teeth. You can even have dental implants to replace a lost tooth.

One of the fastest growing fields is cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry offers the option of improving the appearance of your smile. You can have your teeth whitened, stains removed, and chips repaired. With dental veneers, you can change the appearance of one tooth, or even out your whole smile. Dental veneers are usually made of durable porcelain, so they stay white and bright for a long time. They also resist chipping. Caps and gum modification are also available to improve your smile and give you the even, beautiful teeth you've been dreaming of.

Bridges and other kinds of partial dentures are becoming more popular than full sets. They can be contoured to your mouth even more exactly than before. Some people who are only missing one or two teeth may also find that dental implants will replace those teeth effectively, without having to resort to dentures.

There are many dental procedures available now when you find a dentist. Exactly which ones and what methods your dentist uses will vary with their preference. The best way to find out just what your dentist offers is to ask. Dentists are usually quite willing to tell you all about the procedures they can perform, including their costs and risks. Modern technology has significantly advanced the field of dentistry. Ask your dentist to find out more today.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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