How To Find Great Value Dental and Health Insurance Plans  

How To Find Great Value Dental and Health Insurance Plans

According to the National Association of Dental plans, forty-six percent of Americans don't have dental insurance. Whether this is because they think they don't need it, or because they haven't been able to find good dental coverage, these people are missing out, and in danger of running up high dental bills because they aren't covered. You can find individual policies, but getting the right one will take a little work. Group coverage through your employer is better, but can be hard to find. Monthly premiums for dental insurance generally run between $12 and $50 a person. That's a wide range for insurance that offers similar coverage.

If you're looking for affordable dental and health insurance plans, you need to look past the quote. Some companies offer a great rate, but only for the first year. During the first year of most kinds of dental and health insurance, you can't use all of your coverage as you wait for the mandatory waiting period to end. After that, the company can hike your rate for the second year, when you're actually able to use your insurance coverage. Make sure that your dental and health insurance plan isn't offered by an unscrupulous company that will increase your rates. You can check up on the backgrounds of any insurance company by looking at A.M. Best and other ratings sources. This will tell you the age and financial rating of the insurance company. Consumer ratings are a little harder to get, but you can still find them if you try.

There are three basic types of dental insurance. They are parallel to the types of health insurance in most cases. The cheapest is the dental HMO. Like the medical HMO, you'll have a limited selection of practitioners you can see. However, this is the cheapest coverage. The average person who gets single dental HMO coverage pays on $13 a month. People using medical HMOs will see similar savings. This is why employer use of HMOs for employee health insurance skyrocketed in the 1990s. HMOs offer the least expensive coverage possible, which is worth considering if your main concern is cutting costs.

If you go with a dental PPO, you'll be part of a network which offers a set price scale. Seeing dentists outside the network incurs charges with less reimbursement. You'll also have to front the whole bill until the reimbursement comes across. The choices with a PPO are better, and the price a bit higher, at an average of $30 a month. Traditional insurance plans are still alive and well in health insurance, but they're becoming rarer in dental insurance. When you can find individual coverage, these insurance plans are around an average of $40 a month. These pricier plans offer more coverage and more choice to their members, but are harder to find at reasonable rates. Which type of dental insurance gives you the best value will depend on whether you prioritize price or flexibility. HMOs are cheapest, but they don't give you many choices. Traditional insurance plans offer flexibility, but will cost you in the end.
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