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Beginner's Guides to Insurance

A comprehensive range of beginner's guides to insurance of various types including life insurance, health, auto insurance and more. Click on any of the guides below for a great impartial information article on the type of insurance that you are interested in knowing about!

Auto Insurance
What makes some companies auto insurance a better deal than others are the "perks" and additional services they offer at comparable rates.

Boat Insurance
Comprehensive boat insurance provides coverage for the costs of repairing or replacing a boat that has been damaged or destroyed by collision, fire, theft, vandalism, or nature.

Business Insurance
When setting up a new business, it is very tempting to only purchase the minimum amount of business insurance required by law.

Car Insurance
A car insurance policy usually consists of six types of coverage. The document may be presented to you in one of two ways.

Dental Insurance
Even the most inexpensive and rudimentary of dental insurance plans covers preventative care such as check ups and cleanings.

Disability Insurance
Disability insurance exists to help replace lost income in the event you should suffer an illness or injury.

Equine Insurance
Equine insurance is absolutely mandatory for those who want to protect themselves and their horses from the expense and sad consequences that often result from injury, theft or an accident.

Health Insurance
Shopping for health insurance is like shopping for any product. You want to make sure that the health insurance provider is reputable.

Homeowner's Insurance
Homeowner's insurance falls into two categories: buildings insurance and contents insurance. Usually you can't buy or mortgage a home without first buying buildings insurance as lenders see this as being the only way that you will be able to protect the assets that the bank shares with you.

Insurance Quotes
Experts in the insurance industry suggest acquiring at least three insurance quotes from three different companies before you consider purchasing any kind of policy.

Liability Insurance
Liability Insurance protects you from paying out of pocket for anyone who suffers injury or death near or in your home or place of business.

Life Insurance
The purpose of life insurance is to offer your family and other loved ones financial security in the event of your death.

Long Term Care Insurance
Long term care insurance describes insurance policies that are designed to help cover the cost of supervision or care over the course of a long term illness or disability.

Medical Insurance
When it comes to medical insurance, freelancers or unemployed individuals find themselves in quite a different boat than the employed when it comes to paying for medical insurance. Individual insurance is usually quite a bit more expensive compared to group health insurance.

Mortgage Insurance
Mortgage insurance is highly recommended for individuals who own homes simply because a sudden drop in income can sabotage your ability to pay your bills.

Motorcycle Insurance
Buying motorcycle insurance is the same as buying any other product. Before you sign an agreement you should do some comparison shopping to make sure you are getting the best possible value for your dollar.

Pet Insurance
If you love your pet, than purchasing pet insurance should be a must. There is nothing worse than losing a pet because you could not afford to take it to an emergency clinic.

Renters Insurance
Every tenant needs renter's insurance because it is false to assume that your landlord's insurance will cover you in the event of a disaster.

Term Life Insurance
There are two basic types of life insurance: term insurance and cash value insurance. Term insurance usually boasts cheaper premiums but it is not an investment in your future. Cash value life insurance policies are more like investments that can be partially cashed in or borrowed against at some point in the future.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is widely available and often offered as part of a vacation package. Travel agents rarely complete your booking without first offering you a comprehensive travel insurance package.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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