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A Beginner's Guide to Insurance Quotes

Experts in the insurance industry suggest acquiring at least three insurance quotes from three different companies before you consider purchasing any kind of policy. This is true no matter what kind of insurance you are thinking of buying. Thanks to the Internet acquiring insurance quotes from at least three companies is as easy as three clicks away.

Whether they are selling home, car, life, health, business or travel insurance most players in the industry have web sites that give you at least a rough idea of terms and conditions of insurance, the length of a policy as well as the cost. Typing the key words "insurance quotes" into a popular search engine such as Google will turn up thousands of sites eager to connect you with a sales representative.

If weeding through thousands of insurance quotes on the Internet is not appealing to you than you can also obtain quotes by consulting an insurance broker. An insurance broker is an agent who gets a commission from certain companies if he manages to sell you a policy. Chances are that any insurance broker that you encounter will have a relationship with at least one of the top four or five players in the industry.

If you are suspicious of brokers and the fact that commission motivates them. You can always visit one of the many sites on the Internet that rate insurance companies for you. Government regulators or independent consumer advocates run these sites. Each insurance company is rated according to their ability to pay out claims on time as well as their general financial solvency.

Companies with low ratings more than likely receive a great deal of assistance from the government to stay in the business. Experts advise staying away from these companies, especially when it comes to buying life insurance, as you want to make sure they are still in existence by the time your policy comes due.

When in doubt your best route is to sit down with a customer service representative and directly obtain an insurance quote from him or her. Then get those terms put down on paper. This is particularly necessary if you are buying public liability insurance as your premium in that case is based on all kinds of variables including your risk factors, your location, how many employees you have and how many claims you have made in the past. Although there is a slight risk that such a conversation could actually raise your insurance quote, the general rule of thumb is that the more the insurance company knows about you the more they are able to offer you a deal that covers all of your insurance needs.

Always remember that the purpose of getting an insurance quote is to benefit you in the long run, so don't be intimidated into purchasing insurance that you don't need. Competition amongst insurers is keen and they want your business. Make it clear to the company representative that you are doing some comparative shopping by acquiring several insurance quotes and you will probably be offered the best deal possible!   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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