USAA Term Life Insurance - How Does It Compare?  

USAA Term Life Insurance - How Does It Compare?

USAA is a Fortune 500 financial services company that provides banking, investment, and insurance to people who've served in the military and some other federal groups. Their families are also served by this company. Most of USAA's business is conducted via the Internet or telephone, possibly due to the nature of their customers. When it comes to term life insurance, people in the military have the option of getting their policies with USAA. Term life insurance is different from whole life insurance or universal plans in that it offers only a death benefit, and lasts for a particular period of time. It might be difficult for people serving in the military to get this insurance elsewhere because they are perceived to be a high risk group.

The big difference between USAA's term life insurance and that of other companies in the country, besides the specific clientèle, is that USAA does not include a war exclusion cause. This means that if you're insured with term life insurance through USAA and you die in the performance of your duties, your family will still receive the benefit due to them. Most other companies do not cover death that occurs due to war. Also, unlike most competitors, USAA doesn't sell or provide its plans through agents. You must work directly with the company, either online, or by talking to licensed employees on the phone. These telephone operators are paid on salary, rather than commission, which means that they aren't invested in the hard sell. This makes it easier to get the term life insurance plan that's right for you and your loved ones. If you're interested in term life insurance and meet the eligibility requirements, you should consider calling USAA soon to ask about the plans that are available to you.

The best choice from USAA is often level term life insurance (though you can also read our insights into USAA Renters Insurance here).

This means that the payments stay the same over the life of the plan – up to 30 years. Term insurance also generally provides the largest death benefit for the lowest premiums if you're under the age of 45. USAA also provides the benefit of allowing you to switch to permanent insurance after your term is up without a medical exam. This is not true of other companies. Term life insurance with USAA does not provide the cash benefit of permanent insurance, but it is the most coverage for the least initial cost.

Service people who are suffering from a tough budget may find that term life insurance is preferable to not being able to afford coverage at all. If you're the main wage earner in your family, you need to know that they will be taken care of, should anything happen to you. In these tense times, those serving in America's military need to know that their loved ones are protected. With USAA term insurance, you can get the best deal for coverage that includes wartime benefits.

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