Travel Insurance for Pensioners? Travel Insurance for Over 65s - What You Need To Know  

Travel Insurance for Pensioners? Travel Insurance for Over 65s - What You Need To Know

Just because you've reached a certain age is no reason to settle down quietly! The problem with traveling once a person reaches a certain age is that certain activities become more risky in terms of health and fitness, and setbacks which were minor previously are now deadly-serious. This is no reason that a person over the age of 65 should stop traveling, not at all, but it does remain that certain precautions have to be taken. In the case of senior citizens or pensioners, travel insurance is a great idea, and when you go to purchase some, there are a few things to keep in mind

One thing that is almost a forgone conclusion is that travel insurance for the elderly will be more pricy than it would be for a younger individual who was in the peak of health. This does not mean, however that it is unaffordable, nor does it mean that it should be ignored!

Insurance companies, no matter what type the specialize in, will often refuse to cover pre-existing conditions. In the case of the elderly, this can be a major concern. This becomes even more troublesome when you realize that travel insurance usually does not cover pre-existing medical conditions, while health insurance won't cover costs incurred while overseas! A few insurance agencies have resolved this issue somewhat: if you can provide proof of health insurance, they will agree to cover the pre-existing health costs that might occur. It is worth checking into places like these and confirming with your health insurance that this is a wise move to take, but this is one option that is available to seniors who are interested in various parts of the world.

As with any other form of insurance, it is possible to buy no-exam travel insurance online, where you can purchase insurance sight-unseen no matter what your situation is. In this case, be prepared to pay a relatively high premium, and also remember to check this company through your state's Department of Insurance!

If at all possible, you should reduce costs by purchasing an insurance policy that will specifically meet your needs. While accidents can happen everywhere, you'll probably need less insurance for sailing on a cruise than hiking the mountains of Europe. If you are a senior, you should be able to find specific travel insurance policies that will cover cruises and retreats. Regardless of how safe it sounds, your insurance policy can help you out. If you've fallen ill, you'll certainly be grateful for the full coverage.

As you can see, getting older is no excuse for staying at home. Pick up your passport, select your insurance policy and you can set off around the world!   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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