Exploring Texas Whole Life Insurance Rates and How They Compare to Other States

Life insurance is there to protect families by replacing any lost income if someone in the family should die. When you Texas whole life insurance rates, it's important to consider your individual circumstances to decide just what you need to have. Families are the group most likely to need life insurance, although anyone may find themselves in circumstances where it's appropriate to be protected. Most often, life insurance is purchased to provide benefits to a spouse, or children. You may, however, name any individual, organization, or trust as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. You may even name multiple individuals as shared beneficiaries.

There are several types of life insurance. Term life insurance is the least expensive, but after its term is over, a new pricier policy must usually be purchased. Cash value policies generally offer a variety of features and benefits in addition to a death benefit, but they cost more. Cash value policies tend to have an accumulated savings benefit that may be withdrawn, invested, or borrowed against. Whole life insurance combines the two. As implied by the name, it last for the policyholder's entire life, and contains the savings accumulation of a cash value policy. The premium of a whole life insurance policy remains the same over the course of the policy.

Getting life insurance in Texas is much the same as getting it elsewhere in the United States. The rates are similar. Most policies in Texas allow a “free look” or “right to return” period of ten days at the beginning of the policy, during which you can get a full refund if you cancel the policy for any reason. Texas also has a consumer rights law that requires life insurance companies to acknowledge your claim within 15 days and make payment within another 15, and so getting Texas Life Insurance has been made as pain free as possible by law. If they do not do this, they have to explain why the claim is delayed. For individual life insurance policies, any time between the receipt of the proof of loss statement by the company and the payment of the policy accrues interest to the insurance company. This means that in Texas, you are protected from the life insurance company drawing things out to avoid paying the claim.

Whole life insurance is best for people who don't want to deal with the insecurity of a changing payment or having to get a new policy after a term insurance plan has expired. It provides good security and a level payment amount, which is helpful as we get older and income dwindles. Getting whole life insurance in Texas is very similar to getting it in other states – simply shop around for a good rate, or call your preferred insurance agent to talk about getting an affordable life insurance policy. For more specific information about getting this kind of policy in the state of Texas, contact the state insurance board. Their website and phone help line can provide a great deal of information about your rights and responsibilities as the owner of a whole life insurance plan.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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