Texas Renters Rights - How To Protect Your Renters Rights In Texas  

Texas Renters Rights - How To Protect Your Renters Rights In Texas

Just as in every other state in the United States, in Texas, you have your Texas Renters Rights as a tenant renting an apartment or other residence. Once you sign up to rent an apartment you are first and foremost agreeing to the lease you and your landlord signed. This lease will be your guideline on how to take care of your apartment, how to be a good neighbor, and when you need to pay your rent to avoid any penalties. You might run into some landlords that will prefer and even demand an oral agreement for the rental apartment. Even if this person is a relative or friend you should demand to have a written rental agreement so you have that in case you need to use it.

Peaceful Texas Living –

You have the right to live in a peaceful and quiet environment. In the law it is actually called quiet enjoyment. Your landlord can’t legally evict you from the apartment without a legal and good reason. They can’t even disturb you in your apartment unless there is a good reason behind it. You have the right to live in a peaceful and uninterrupted apartment. It is also the landlord’s responsibility to make sure you are not disturbed by any of your neighbors and that you give your neighbors the same respect. Your landlord also cannot shut off any utilities to your apartment unless it is due to an emergency, construction or repairs that must be made.

Healthy Texas Living –

You have the right to live in a sanitary and healthy apartment. You also have the right to demand repairs or replacements on things in your apartment that affect your health and/or safety. The landlord that is renting out the apartment automatically agrees to the law that the apartment must be safe and healthy. The landlord must provide smoke detectors in your apartment, and you cannot disconnect them or take them out. They must be working at all times.

Secure Texas Living –

You have the right to live in a secure apartment. Under law your landlord must provide locks on the windows, dead bolt locks on all doors leading outside, sliding door pin locks, door peepholes, and sliding door security bars or handle latches. You should not move into an apartment if any of the above are missing or damaged. You have the right to demand that these all be in the apartment as they are required by law. If, while you are living there, a lock breaks or is damaged your landlord needs to have it fixed in a reasonable period of time.

If your landlord does not provide you with a peaceful, healthy, safe and secure apartment you have a few options. You can end the lease and move out, have the problem fixed or replaced and deduct the costs from your rent payment, or file a small claims suit to force the landlord to repair or replace the problem.


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