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10 Fast Facts About Ohio:

1/ The official state flower of Ohio is the Scarlet Carnation, the official state mammal is the white-tailed deer, and the official state reptile is the Black Racer Snake.

2/ The first cash register was invented by James Ritty, who was the owner of a saloon in Dayton, Ohio. He wanted to stop his employees from pilfering the profits, and so invented the Ritty Model I in 1879, and patented it in 1883. Ritty quickly sold on the company that made the registers and it passed through various hands before John H Patterson created the National Cash Register Company, and added in a paper roll in 1884, the 'receipts' that are still with us today.

3/ The first police car was a wagon run by electricity fielded on the streets of Akron, Ohio in 1899. The first operator of the police patrol wagon was Akron Police officer Louis Mueller, Sr. It could reach 16 mph (26 km/h) and travel 30 mi (48 km) before its battery needed to be recharged. The car was built by city mechanical engineer Frank Loomis. The $2,400 vehicle was equipped with electric lights, gongs and a stretcher. The car's first assignment was to pick up a drunken man at the junction of Main and Exchange streets.

4/ The town of Akron, Ohio was famous during the latter part of the 19th, and a good part of the 20th Centuries as being the 'Rubber Capital of the World'. This was because four of the major tire companies were headquartered in the town, Goodyear (1898), Goodrich (1869), General Tire (1915) and Firestone (1900). The massive increase in manufacturing at this time led Akron to be the fastest growing city in the United States between 1910 and 1920, with a 201.8% growth in population (one of whom was movie star Clark Gable who worked at the Goodrich tire factory).

Declines in the tire industry and strike issues throughout the 1970's and 1980's meant that by the early 1990, Goodyear was the last major tire manufacturer based in Akron.

5/ The lowest ever recorded temperature in Ohio was on February 10th 1899 at Milligan, when the temperature dropped to a chilly -39F (-39 centigrade). The highest ever temperature recorded in Ohio was 113 F (45 centigrade) which was recorded on the 21st July 1934 near Gallipolis.

6/ The 'city' of Gallipolis in Ohio actually officially became a 'village' in 2010, because the population dropped below the 1990 level of 5,085 residents to 3,641 (the drop below 5,000 is the key determiner of the designation between 'city' and 'village').

7/ There are seven cities in Ohio that had metropolitan populations of over 500,000 people in 2010:

Cincinnati - 2,130,151
Cleveland - 2,077,240
Columbus - 1,836,540
Dayton - 841,502
Akron - 703,200
Toledo - 651,429
Youngstown - 565,773

8/ Economically, Ohio is a powerhouse state with a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of $478 billion in 2010 placing it around the same economic level as entire countries such as Iran ($480.3 billion) and Norway ($479.3 billion) according to figures from the 2011 CIA World Factbook.

9/ The first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

Including Neil Armstrong, up to 2011, there have been 21 astronauts who were born in Ohio.

Of those 7 were born in Cleveland, 2 in Columbus, and then 1 each in Akron, Bryan, Cambridge, Cincinnati, Dayton, Euclid, Lorain, Macedonia, Mansfield, Parma, Wapakoneta and Warren.

10/ Ohio has the second largest number of US Presidents to be born in the State (Seven); second only to Virginia who has eight.

They were:

Ulysses S. Grant (1868)
Rutherford B. Hayes (1876)
James A. Garfield (1880)
Benjamin Harrison (1888)
William McKinley (1896)
William Howard Taft (1908)
Warren G. Harding (1920)

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