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10 Fast Facts About Missouri:

1/ The official state bird of Missouri is the Bluebird, the official state tree is the Flowering Dogwood, and the official state fish is the Channel Catfish.

2/ The average elevation in Missouri is 800 feet (240 meters), and the highest is 1,772 feet way up on the top of Taum Sauk Mountain. The average elevation in Missouri is higher than the highest elevation in four of the other states (Florida, Delaware, District of Columbia and Louisiana).

3/ The Flag of the State of Missouri (see above) was designed and stitched in Jackson, Missouri, by Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver (1885–1959), the wife of former State Senator R.B. Oliver. Her design was adopted in 1913 and remains unchanged to this day.

4/ One amusing "long-whiskered" tale is that of Valentine Tapley, who swore that he wouldn't shave his beard ever again if Abe Lincoln got elected to President. He died in 1910, having not shaved for 50 years, and his beard and grown to a whopping 12 feet and six inches by the time of his death.

5/ The lowest recorded temperature in Missouri occurred on the 13th February 1905 at Warsaw and was measured at -40 Fahrenheit (-40 Centigrade). Whilst the highest recorded temperature of 118 Fahrenheit (48 Centigrade) occured at Union and Warsaw on the 14th July 1954.

6/ Here are some average low and high temperatures in Fahrenheit for different cities in Missouri in August:

Springfield - 66 / 90
Columbia - 64 / 87
St. Louis - 69 / 88
Kansas City - 66 / 87

7/ In 1810 the population of Missouri was 19,783, but by 1860 that had rapidly grown almost sixty-fold to 1,182,012, and by 2010 the population of Missouri was 5,988,927 people.

8/ Harry S Truman (1884–1972), was the 33rd President of the United States (Democrat, 1945–1953), and was born in Lamar and is (so far!) the only President from Missouri. He was also a judge in Jackson County, plus he also represented the state in the US Senate for a period of ten years. In 1944 he was elected Vice-President and even after he reitred he ended up living in the town of Independence, Missouri.

9/ If the idea of seeing people drinking out of bottles that are in bags has ever struck you as vaguely absurd, then you might want to head over to Kansas City and visit the Power and Light District. There is a specific bylaw there that allows drinking of alcohol in cups (over 21s though still - sorry!) even though the rest of Kansas City still has the same "in a bag" requirements of the rest of the United States.

10/ If you like smoking then Missouri could be the state for you, because the city of Sant Louis has been called the "best city for smokers" by Forbes Magazine in 2007.

Unfortunately, Missouri ranks as having the 8th highest rate of lung cancer amongst the states according to Government Cancer statistics.

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