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10 Fast Facts About Kentucky:

1/ Kentucky has the nation's most productive coalfield and the biggest free-ranging herd of elk herd east of Montana (with 10,000 animals rechoned to currently be in the herd).

2/ The lowest temperature ever recorded in Kentucky was -34F (-37C) at Cynthiana on the 28th January 1963. Whilst the highest temperature ever recorded in Kentucky was 114 F (46 Centigrade) at Greensburg on the 28th July 1930.

3/ Here are some of the average low and high temperatures in August in various different Kentucky Cities:

Paducah - 65 / 87
Lexington - 65 / 85
Ashland - 59 / 87
Louisville - 68 / 86
Pikeville - 62 / 86

4/ Kentucky is the only U.S State to be bordered on three sides by rivers - the Ohio River to the North, the Mississippi River to the West, and the Tug Fork and Big Sandy River to the East. Kentucky also has more navigable miles of water than any other state in the Union, other than Alaska.

5/ The state bird of Kentucky is the Kentucky Cardinal, the state fish is the Kentucky Spotted Bass, and the state butterfly is the Viceroy.

6/ The official state flag of Kentucky (see below) was adopted in 1918. At the top of the flag are the words, "Commonwealth of Kentucky", and you can also read the state motto, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall". This is derived from "The Liberty Song", which was a commonly sung patriotic song popular around the time of the American Revolution. The two men embracing are meant to represent all frontiersman and statesman. Though popular belief is that they are modeled on Daniel Boone (on the left) who was largely responsible for the exploration of Kentucky, and Henry Clay (on the right), Kentucky's most famous statesman.

7/ Henry Clay (April 12th 1777 - June 29th 1852) was a politician, lawyer and a notably skilled orator who represented Kentucky separately in both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. He served three different terms as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and was also Secretary of State from 1825 to 1829. In 1957, a Senate Committee selected Clay as one of the five greatest U.S Senators, along with John C. Calhoun, Robert Taft, Robert La Follette and Daniel Webster.

8/ The Kentucky Derby is the oldest continuously held horse race in the United States. It is held in Louisville at Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in May and was first run in 1875. The race is run over a distance of 1 and a quarter miles and is for three-year old horses. (In case you are wondering, the quickest time for the Derby is 1 minute 59.4 secs and was set in 1973 by Secretariat.)

9/ The very first Kentucky Fried Chicken (K.F.C) restaurant was run by Colonel Sanders in 1930 and is located in Corbin.

10/ The melody for "Happy Birthday to You" was the creation of two creative Louisville sisters in 1893. It was a song composed and written by Mildred J. Hill and Patty Hill called "Good Morning to All", which was originally created as a song that could be sung to children.

The combination of melody and "Happy Birthday" lyrics were first published in 1912 without credits or copyright notices, but the Summy Company registered for copyright in 1935, crediting authors Mrs. R.R Forman and Preston Ware Orem as the writers of the lyrics. "Happy Birthday to You" is said to still bring in around $2 million in royalties every year, split between the Hill Foundation (set up by the sisters), and Summy-Birchard Music who now have the copyright on the lyrics.

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