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10 Fast Facts About California:

1/ If you are a lover of Avocados then Fallbrook is the place in California that you will most want to visit, because as well as holding an Avocado Festival every year, the region is also known as 'The Avocado Capital of the World', because more avocadoes are grown in Fallbrook then in any other county in the United States.

2/ California was first admitted to the Union on September 9th 1850, and covers a land area of 158,693 square miles.

3/ The oldest saloon in California is the Iron Door Saloon which is located near Yosemite National Park, and which was first established in 1852 when it served mostly as a Post Office, before being converted into a saloon in 1896 and being renamed (at the time, it has subsequently been named back to the Iron Door Saloon) as 'Jake's Place'.

4/ California has one of the highest percentages of Vegetarians of anywhere in the US, with approximately 8% of the California population reckoned to be vegetarian.

5/ There are over 300 museums JUST in the city of Los Angeles!

6/ Although Marilyn Monroe may be better known for her movies and good looks, it is perhaps less well known that in 1947 she was also crowned the 'Artichoke Queen' of Castroville, California.

7/ San Bernadino County in California covers an area of almost three million acres and has the distinction of being the biggest county in all of the United States.

8/ Whilst California has a big vegetarian population, those people who do eat meat are clearly very fond of eating Turkey, because the average Californian eats three more pounds than the average US citizen.

9/ In terms of great places to see the world go by, there are few to match the top of Mount Diablo which lies at 3,849 feet. Because of the layout of land around it, it is possible to see more of the surface of the Earth than from any other mountain peak on the planet, with the sole exception of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

10/ One weird and wonderful law that remains on the statute book in Walnut, California is that flying a kite for more than 10 feet above the ground breaks one of the local laws.

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