Renters Legal Rights - How to Help Protect them Through Renters Insurance  

Renters Legal Rights - How to Help Protect them Through Renters Insurance

When you're living in a house or apartment building that's owned by someone else, one of the things you'll naturally be concerned about is your rights as a tenant. Renters legal rights vary by locality, sometimes greatly. However, there are a few things that tend to be standard. In the United States, you are guaranteed to be able to get housing without discrimination according to race, religion, disability, and a number of other factors. If you think you have been discriminated against when trying to rent, you should be able to contact your local government and get information about how to file a claim.

Other things that are often protected under renters' rights codes include the right to have your landlord remedy poor housing conditions, the right to a certain amount of privacy, protection from retaliation by your landlord for real or perceived wrongs, protection from inappropriate or exorbitant increases in your rent, protection for the right to form a tenant union, and controls on evictions, making sure you can't be wrongly evicted. The exact details of all of these renters' rights vary – in some localities, your landlord can't enter your home without 24 hours notice. In others, he can do so whenever he chooses, provided he knocks first. To find out what rights are protected in your town, county, and state, you should investigate your local laws. These can often be found on the Internet, or by talking to a local tenant union. Don't just go by what your friends and neighbors say.

Remember that your rights under law don't extend to your belongings. If they are damaged or destroyed by an accident while you're living in a rented property, your landlord is not obligated to replace them. If your landlord destroys them deliberately, you will, of course, have a viable case on your hands. Remember that the homeowners insurance on rental properties that your landlord buys does not necessarily extend to your personal belongings. The best way to protect them is through renters insurance.

You may think that renters insurance isn't important or that it is too expensive. However, consider the cost of replacing everything you own, if there is a fire in your building. Comparatively, renters insurance is quite inexpensive. If you're really concerned about your rights, protect them by looking at some renters insurance quotes to cover all of your belongings. You'll be insured against fire, water damage, theft, and even some liability for the belongings of other people in your building. It will also cover your belongings while traveling, like your suitcase. To safeguard your electronics, kitchen appliances, wardrobe, and other things, make sure that you investigate renters insurance. You could be covered for only ten to twenty dollars a month – a small price for the peace of mind that this kind of insurance can bring you. Protect your rights as a tenant by purchasing renters insurance today, and know that you'll be covered, even if a catastrophe happens.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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