Renters Agreements - How Do They Differ Between Texas and California?  

Renters Agreements - How Do They Differ Between Texas and California?

Getting the right terms on your rental agreement, so that all your rights are protected, is one of the most important things you can do. However, if you're moving to a new state, you might have trouble with finding out what the local and state laws require. Renters' rights are different in every state and in many towns, so a little research might be required. Here are some ways that the legal details of renters' agreements vary between Texas and California.

In Texas, your rights as a renter include the right to quiet enjoyment of your home. This means that the landlord cannot expose you to excessive noise, or to routine life disturbances, including wrongful or routine eviction, other tenants' wrongful behavior, interrupted utilities, and other problems. You also have a right to health and safety under Texas law. Your landlord must repair any condition that could affect your health or safety. By renting the property, your landlord is guaranteeing that your dwelling is fit to live in. However, the landlord does not have to make repairs to damage caused by you or a guest. The law requires that smoke detectors must be provided by the landlord, and that you must not disable or remove the device. Additionally, in Texas, you are considered to have a right to security. A dwelling has to be equipped with security devices, which may include window latches, deadbolts, sliding door pin locks, and handle latches, and door peepholes. The landlord is responsible for the expense of installing them, and you have the right to request repair or installation if such devices are broken or missing.

In California, the details of your renters' rights, which will affect your rental agreement, are a little different. It is, for instance, illegal for a landlord to use different standards for financial income requirements for married people who want to live together versus single people who want to live together. It is also illegal to discriminate against families when renting a unit. Like Texas, California has an implied warranty of habitability, meaning that a landlord must maintain the facilities in a livable condition if they are being rented. (But you will need to get some renters insurance quotes to make sure that your belongings are covered)

This means that the landlord is responsible for repairs to defects in the rental unit, but also that tenants must take reasonable care of their rental units. This includes making sure that the unit is kept clean and reasonably undamaged. The repair and deduct law permits a tenant in California to deduct money from their rent, up to the amount of one months rent, for repair of problems in the rental unit that they have paid for. Only repairs to substandard conditions that affect the tenant's health and safety are covered under this provision. This is helpful because it allows repairs to be made without filing a suit against the landlord. However, it is important that the repairs being made qualify, and have not been made by the tenant, guests, or the family or pets of the tenant.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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