Low Cost Landlord Insurance - Does it REALLY Exist?  

Low Cost Landlord Insurance - Does it REALLY Exist?

Landlord insurance is important for almost every landlord to have, and low cost landlord insurance does really exist. It is not necessary for a landlord to have to pay a lot just to protect their property, and many insurance companies make it possible for landlords to purchase low cost landlord insurance.

A well planned out landlord insurance policy will be able to protect a landlord from any damage that can occur to their property. The damage can be a result of many factors, including fire, storms, burglars, and even vandalism. There are also additional options that can be purchased for occurrences such as earthquakes or floods, if the property is located somewhere that they might be susceptible.

Another factor that should be included in the landlord insurance policy is liability insurance, which will cover the landlord in case any injuries or deaths were to occur on their property. The liability would cover such cases if they were caused due to some type of defective condition or default on the property. Liability insurance will also take care of any legal fees if there were ever a personal lawsuit against the landlord. Landlord insurance can be a great help if something like this were to ever occur, and it only costs a few dollars a day.

When looking for landlord insurance, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Although you can do some shopping around to try and find the cheapest policy, make sure that you purchase enough coverage for your personal property and assets. Because your premium will be based on the amount of property that you would like to ensure, you may find yourself with a high premium if you own a lot of expensive personal property. Keep in mind though, that a high premium will still only cost you a few dollars a day.

While many believe that they do not need to purchase landlord insurance because nothing will ever happen to them or their property, having landlord insurance will save you a great amount of money if something were to happen. For example, if you pay a total of 30 dollars a month for your landlord insurance, you will be paying 360 dollars a year. During that same year, you purchased your spouse an anniversary ring, a new television, and even a new compact disc player. If these items were insured and then stolen or damaged, you would be able to replace about 3000 dollars worth of personal property.

Even if you go years without experiencing a loss of personal property, you will still be paying less if you opt to purchase low cost landlord insurance. You also will never have to touch your savings if for some reason a friend was hurt on your property. Landlord insurance would cover it for you. So if you are interested in protecting your personal property, as well as yourself, you should consider looking into a landlord insurance policy. You can contact your local insurance company and they will be able to help you determine which policy would work best for you.


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