A Guide to Life Insurance in Delaware (DE)

When investigating getting Delaware Life Insurance Quotes it is important to remember that the decision you make today could affect your families well-being in twenty years’ time, so it is not a decision to be taken lightly. At its heart getting life insurance in Delaware, or anywhere else in the United States is really about weighing up a few different considerations and then going with the ones that seem to best match what it is that you need.

Delaware Life Insurance - The Facts...

Firstly, let’s consider some specific facts about Delaware Life Insurance and what you need to know about the state of life insurance in Delaware in order to make those considered judgements.

Insurance is a massive business in Delaware and the numbers are quite startling when you step back for a moment and consider them. There are 465 different insurance companies that are licensed to sell life insurance in Delaware, and over 3,000 people in Delaware are directly employed by the insurance business.

Additionally, the state supports a further 4,000 through its financial interests, property and services that it uses in the state.

The American Council of Life Insurers has estimated that over $7 billion of Delaware individual life insurance cover was bought in 2009, and that cumulatively the residents of Delaware have over $190 billion worth of death cover.

What’s more, there are currently over 480,000 individual life insurance policies in Delaware, and average life insurance cover of $190,000 per policyholder.

One of the interesting areas to look at when looking to take out life insurance in a particular state are the mortality rates for that state, because these can have a direct impact on the cost of your life insurance.

If we take a look at the Center for Disease Controls fact sheet on Delaware (https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/pressroom/data/state_profile_DE.htm) then we can see that the leading three causes of death in the United States are from heart disease, cancer and strokes and Delaware is around average for all three.

Delaware is a relatively small state, being only 30 miles wide, by 96 miles long. But has one of the highest population densities of any of the states, with approximately 900,000 people, and as an interesting aside was the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States on December 7th, 1787.

If you are happily settled in the state and are now looking to sort out some Delaware Life Insurance Quotes then there are four questions that you need to ask yourself:

Delaware Life Insurance Quotes - The 4 Questions You MUST Ask Yourself...

1/ Do you have a specific goal in mind for getting the Delaware Life Insurance?

This is a big question, and to answer it you need to be clear in your mind about what your goals are when taking out the life insurance.

Is it to cover your family’s basic living expenses for a short period of say a year to tide them over? Or is it to provide lifelong financial security for your children, or pay for their college education.

Or is there some bigger goal that you have in mind such as to endow a charity?

Depending on which of these goals you have will make a great difference to the amount of Delaware life insurance cover that you need, and hence the overall cost of your cover.

2/ Whole Life Delaware Life Insurance or Delaware Term Life Insurance? –

You need to decide which type of life insurance you need. Namely, whether you are going to take it out for a limited period of time, or if you want it as a permanent policy that will cover you for your whole life.

Either way is fine, but just realise that there are cost implications of choosing the different options.

3/ Who should benefit from the policy?

Is it a child? Your husband or wife? A charity?

And who should oversee proceedings in the event that they are unavailable. For example, if you leave everything to your wife, but then both of you die in a car accident, than who should get the money?

Clearly these are not nice things to have to think about. But they are important, because planning ahead now can save a lot of heartache in the future for those who come after you.

4/ How much Delaware Life Insurance do you need?

This is an important question which will largely end up being a combination of all of the first three factors.

This is actually much easier to arrive at a firm figure for when you know what goals you have for the money, who you want it to go to, and why they need it.

Once you have an idea about those four different factors then you are ready to buy your insurance. And you can of course compare different Delaware Life Insurance Quotes so that you can get a better idea about what are good deals or not.

Delaware Life Insurance – The Details

The details of Delaware Life Insurance are handled on a legislative level by the Delaware Insurance Code.

This discusses both the rights and obligations that life insurance companies in Delaware have to their customers, and also what they can expect in return (payment terms, accurate information etc).

This is quite a detailed legal document, and so can seem a little dense (unless you happen to be a lawyer or love legal documentation!) However, this is the basis upon which all insurance is handled in Delaware, so it is useful to at least know where to find it in case you have any queries.

You can find the Delaware Insurance Code here:


Delaware Life Insurance Resources

Delaware Insurance Department

The Delaware Insurance Department is responsible for all the legislative overseeing of insurance in Delaware. It also provides consumer advice for Delawareans, as well as for insurance professionals selling insurance, and Delaware Life Insurance Companies.


Delaware Life Insurance Companies Ratings

Standard and Poor’s have a really nice life insurance rating website that you can use to rate Delaware Life Insurance Companies (and those in any other state)


Delaware Life Insurance Information

The Delaware Insurance Department have a nice section of Delaware Life Insurance information that can assist you to get a life insurance policy in Delaware that really suits your requirements.

This is split into many different sections so it really talks you through all the different elements that you should consider BEFORE getting life insurance in Delaware.


The key fact that you must take account of right now is that life insurance can only do your loved ones any good if you actually have some! So don’t take too long to decide on the details of any life insurance you are looking to get.


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