Indiana Renters Insurance - What To Consider BEFORE Getting Renters Insurance in Indiana  

Indiana Renters Insurance - What To Consider BEFORE Getting Renters Insurance in Indiana

In Indiana, renters insurance is a sub-set of homeowners insurance. This means that it provides many of the same benefits in many of the same ways. The specific designation for renters insurance is HO-4. It insures the contents of your household and your personal possessions against fire, weather damage, water damage, smoke, and a number of other contingencies. Renters insurance also gives you liability coverage, meaning that if someone slips and is injured in your home, making you liable for their medical bills, your renters insurance will cover the fee. At least sixty-five percent of renters don't carry this kind of insurance protection. Whether they think that it's too expensive, or that they don't have enough personal belongings to warrant insuring, these people are at risk.

Many people think that their landlord's homeowners insurance will cover their belongings. That's how it works if you buy your own homeowners insurance. However, when the insurance is for a rental property, renters insurance won't do anything for your belongings. Many people don't find this out until after a fire or a burglary. Unless the problem is caused by your landlord's negligence, you're responsible for insuring your belongings. Even if your landlord has been negligent, you'll have to file a suit to get any sort of compensation.

You should be certain, when purchasing renters insurance in Indiana, to read over your policy carefully. Do you have all the coverage you need? With some policies, liability may be an add-on, and cost more. If you want to be sure to have liability coverage, double check your policy to make sure that it will be covered. The usual minimum for personal liability coverage is $100,000 and the amount of coverage can go up from there.

Another consideration for your renters insurance is whether the policy is for actual cash value of your belongings, or for agreed or replacement value. The former will pay you only what the object that has been damaged or destroyed is worth, including depreciation from age or use. The latter kind of insurance, on the other hand, will pay you the amount of money you would need to replace the item, no matter how old it is. This can be an important distinction if you're replacing valuable objects like electronics or jewelry. Be sure to be accurate and careful when you value your belongings.

Renters insurance can help you to protect your possessions and your wallet. If someone is hurt or if your home is burglarized, you could face a stiff bill to pay for medical costs or to replace your belongings. Protect yourself with Indiana renters insurance. That way, you'll know that everything you own is safe, even though you're a tenant in a rented unit. Renters insurance is very inexpensive for the amount of protection that it provides. Take advantage of the safety new that this kind of insurance offers you. You'll be glad you did in the end.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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