A Guide to Home Insurance in Virginia (VA)

If you are looking to get Virginia Home Insurance quickly then a good first step is to look around you in your home and do a proper home inventory.

A home inventory sounds a little daunting, but in reality it is no more complicated than walking around your home with a pad of paper, pen and preferably a digital camera. What you need to do is record all of the items in your home from the most basic, like the carpets, right up to the cherished valuables that you inherited from a family member. You need to add in the price you paid for them, or if they were a gift how much you think they are worth.

It is also a good idea to take a photograph of each item, and if you have any supporting paperwork to prove ownership (such as receipts), then that would be useful to include along with it.

This sounds like a lot of work, and honestly, to do it properly it can be. But there are numerous advantages to pursuing the process in this way when you are looking to get Virginia Home Insurance Cover that can really do a good job for you.

Here are four of the advantages of doing a home inventory in this way:

1/ You will reach a much more accurate assessment of how much your possessions are really worth

This means both that you will always get exactly the right amount of insurance and not have to pay extra for insurance that you do not need, and also that you will be clearer in your own mind about the true value of the insurance if you have personally catalogued your possessions.

2/ If you ever do need to make a claim then the process will be dramatically simplified

If you have documentary evidence of all the items that you own, as well as photographs of them in-situ then it is much easier to make a claim for them. You may find that you can find no receipts for certain objects, that they were gifts, or that you paid cash for. And having the photographic evidence makes it much more likely that the Virginia Home Insurance Company will pay out on the claim.

3/ It provides a realistic assessment of how much ‘Valuables’ cover you need

With most homeowner insurance policies there will be items that are classified as ‘Valuables’ separately in the policy, and the limit for pay-outs on the items will be set to a very low level in standard policies (often $1000). If you have a list of all your items then you can work out which items are ‘Valuables’, and make necessary add-ons and addendums to your insurance in order to make sure that they are properly covered.

4/ It makes sure that no items go unclaimed for

In the event of a catastrophic event like a fire then it may be that all your possessions are destroyed, and it becomes a case of trying to remember exactly what you owned in order to try to make a claim for it. A daunting task indeed, and even then you will have to try to convince the insurance company that you actually owned all the items you are claiming for.

If you have completed a home inventory then you can leave a copy of it around your parents, trusted friend or siblings house, so that in the event of a fire you still have evidence of all of the items that you have lost.

This will not only make the claims procedure much more straightforward, but also relieve pressure at a time when you will already probably be fairly stressed out.

What is the Average Cost of Virginia Home Insurance?

It is useful to know the average cost of Virginia Home Insurance because it provides some kind of idea as to how much you may have to pay for your cover.

The US Government has made statistics available as to the cost of insurance throughout the United States.
They found that the average cost of home insurance in Virginia was $604, which is much less than the average of the US as a whole, which was $791.

To arrive at the best deal for you, once you have carried out your home inventory thoroughly, then be sure to check out a good selection of Comprehensive Virginia Home Insurance Quotes, which can give you the cover that you need.


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