A Guide to Home Insurance in Vermont (VT)

When you are seeking out Vermont Home Insurance it is a good idea to check out a range of options and get a variety of quotes. The reality is that it is often a little bewildering to seek out insurance, because it seems littered with jargon and you are not quite sure how to get started. However, it is essential that you break through the malaise and get started, because if your home is where the bulk of your wealth lies then leaving it unprotected is not a good idea.

Most people have mortgages on their homes and are under the illusion that they can therefore relax, because their mortgage company will already have taken care of matters. Unfortunately, this is often not the case in the way that people think, because the mortgage company is primarily concerned with the building and not particularly concerned with the contents. This often has the effect that any Vermont Home Insurance Cover that they do recommend is often heavily weighted in the interests of protecting the building, but the contents (your possessions) are very much a secondary thought.

Clearly this is not an ideal scenario, as so rather than relying on your mortgage company to act in your best interests, it is often better to simply find your own policy.

There are other advantages with this approach as well, not least that the mortgage company often inflates the price of any insurance that they offer, and so as well as not getting all the cover that you really need, you also find yourself in a situation that you are paying more for it then you should.

One of the problems that many Vermonters find when looking for cover in The Green Mountain State is that the cover for possessions in most Vermont Home Insurance Plans does not adequately cover the valuables that they have. This is because if you read the policy document on most standard policies then you will find that there are very hard limits when it comes to how much the insurance companies will pay out for certain items that it deems as ‘valuables’.

‘Valuables’ is a term that has fairly broad interpretation, and includes such items as cash, antiques, stamp collections, computer equipment, coin collections, fur coats, musical instruments, gold and silver, jewelry and watches.

So as you can see there are a lot of different items that could fall under this categorization, and if they do then you can be sure that the policy will have very firm (and very low) limits set for how much the insurance company will pay out in the event of any claim.

As long as you realize this fact in advance there is no problem, because you will be able to take steps to remedy it. But you should be aware that you will most likely have to take out additional cover for your valuables, because usually there is around a $1000 limit set on them in most standard home policies.

Clearly $1000 is ridiculously low, but the Vermont Home Insurance Companies have designed it that way both so that they don’t have too many frivolous claims, and also to push consumers in the direction of taking out extra cover.

Most of the time you will find that adding on extra amounts for valuables cover is not excessive, and it is certainly something that you should consider doing if you have taken an inventory of your possessions and found that your valuables come to more than $1000 (which if you have bought a home then more than likely is most people reading this).

What is the Average Cost of Vermont Home Insurance?

The US Government collates statistics from the various State Departments of Insurance to arrive at figures for the average cost of insurance in each state.

The average cost of home insurance in Vermont is $650, which is considerably below the national average of $791.

Naturally your actual zip code and your circumstances will play a big factor in the final cost, but this should at least give you some idea.

The important thing is to make sure to get a wide selection of Vermont Home Insurance Quotes so that you can get a proper feel for the market price as it is today, and which are the best deals, and to make sure to get covered sooner rather than later.


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