A Guide to Home Insurance in Utah (UT)

It is important to periodically look into updating your Utah Home Insurance, or at the very least getting some new quotes periodically, because you will often find that the introductory rates that insurance companies offer are not carried forward into subsequent years.

Much of the marketing in the insurance industry is very much focused on getting new clients and so there are often substantial financial benefits to be had in either swapping home insurance companies or at least challenging your existing company to match the premium on offer from another company.

If you find a better quote for your existing Utah Home Insurance and confront your current insurer with it, then they will frequently offer to match it. So often times it is not even necessary to change companies in order to find a better deal. You simply have to get a few quotes and show a willingness to move your business.

Some insurance companies in Utah are now tuning into the idea that customer loyalty has to be earned, and that it is a good idea from a business perspective to move even existing customers on to the best rates, without needing to be asked. As it creates the feeling that the insurance company is playing fair with their customers, and makes the likelihood of them leaving that much less, and the likelihood of them retaining their policy for years into the future that much greater.

Unfortunately, this is still a rarity, and all too often the best Utah Home Insurance rates are to be had by comparing many different companies in tandem and then playing each of them off against each other.

Given how much money homeowner insurance now costs this is not unreasonable on the part of consumers, and also has the benefit that insurance companies are less likely to take their existing customers for granted in a never ending pursuit to find new customers, rather than retain the customers that they already have.

What is the Average Cost of Utah Home Insurance?

Tied in with the idea that it can be profitable to periodically check what is available in the way of home insurance is how much it actually costs to get home insurance in Utah.

It is useful to have some idea of this because it allows you to get an instant sense of whether a quote is way out of line, or is roughly what you might have expected.

Normally this would be difficult information to obtain, because the home insurance companies in Utah are private businesses and premium rates are normally only available after you have gone through the process of filling out a quote.

However, in each of the states there is an insurance regulator who is responsible for monitoring rates, and they collect data related to this on behalf of the US Government, so these statistics are available.

The average cost of Utah Home Insurance Premiums is $432 a year according to these statistics, which is actually one of the lowest rates in the whole country. In fact, only Idaho has cheaper home insurance costs, and the national average in the United States as a whole is $791.

Some states like Texas cost over three times this on average ($1,460); and so whilst the average Utahan may still bemoan the rising costs of home insurance in Utah, it is nevertheless considerably cheaper than virtually anywhere else in the US.

The best way to get started is to get several Utah Home Insurance Quotes and then see exactly what is available, what the features and benefits of the different policies are, and how they compare to any cover you may already have.


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