A Guide to Home Insurance in South Carolina (SC)

When seeking out a South Carolina Home Insurance Plan that is right for you it is important to reflect on the different elements that need to be in place in order to ensure that you get the best possible policy.

The first of these is to make sure that you are comparing like with like when you look closely at the details of the policy. This is because when you are on the insurance company websites you will find that many of them tend to brush over the details of the policies that they have with broad brushstrokes, and ignore the detail of exactly what will be paid out on, and under what circumstances.

For example, you will find that flooding does not tend to be included in most home insurance policies, and yet South Carolina actually has fairly large amounts of rain, getting the 28th largest rainfall of any of the US States, and so if your home is damaged or washed away by a flood, then you simply will not be covered by a standard South Carolina Home Insurance policy. So you need to be sure to also get separate flood insurance in addition to any homeowner’s policy that you take out.

 Homeowners insurance does however cover you for a number of very common threats, including theft and fire. And here again being detail oriented is an advantage, because the way that theft is handled can often be a minefield with some home insurance policies.

You will typically find that the insurance companies like to group your possessions into ‘valuables’, and broadly speaking, ‘everything else’. In the ‘everything else’ category will be the fixtures and fittings of the home such as carpets, lamps, kitchen cabinets and the curtains. Whilst ‘valuables’ will be such items as gold and silver, musical instruments, camera equipment, coin collections, fur coats, paintings, bottles of wine, antiques and computer equipment. In other words pretty much everything that most people would think fondly of as their ‘possessions’, rather than the boring, but necessary items that simply make living possible.

‘Valuables’ on any South Carolina Home Insurance policy will have far stricter limits set on them in the policy documentation, and this is a key area that often differs greatly between South Carolina Insurance Companies.
It is surprising how easily the ‘valuables’ limits can be exceeded, and you need to carefully compare your actual possessions with the limits that have been imposed in the policy.

There is generally no problem with raising the amount of the valuables limit if you pay an additional premium, but you may well find that simply choosing a different South Carolina Home Insurance Plan that has higher levels of cover built into it by default is actually a cheaper course of action.

So, don’t rush in to buying the very first plan that see. Instead spend a little time considering your options, and carefully assess what is available.

What is the Average Cost of South Carolina Home Insurance?

It is useful to know what the average price of a particular states home insurance is, because then it opens up the door to double check that you are in fact getting a good deal for the amount of cover that you are looking to buy.

The average cost of home insurance in South Carolina is $789 according to official figures from the US Government, which is actually lower then several other Southern States, but still roughly in the top third of states in terms of cost.

Take some time now to get a number of South Carolina Home Insurance Quotes and see how good a deal you are able to find, and how much money you can save.


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