A Guide to Home Insurance in Minnesota (MN)

Whether you have a home in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Rochester, Duluth or Bloomington, the fact is that you need to arrange a Minnesota Home Insurance policy quickly so that you are properly covered.

Insurance is one of those areas that are sadly neglected when you first move into a new home. In the rush of doing the house up, buying new furniture and getting to know the neighborhood it is all too easy to ignore getting any cover.

That however is a big mistake, because in reality their home is most peoples largest asset, and to leave it unprotected from the costs of fire damage or theft is total madness.

One of the reasons of course that Minnesota Home Insurance stays low on the agenda is that it is an extra expense, and what is worse it is an extra monthly expense. 

This is the wrong way to look at it. If your home were to burn down, then for the sake of saving a few bucks every month you would be left totally homeless. And what is worse, because most people buy their homes on a mortgage, even if they didn’t have anywhere to live they would still owe the same amount of money on it!

The average listing price for a home in Minneapolis in Dec 2011 was $297,844 so that is a lot of money that you are potentially balancing on the end of a precipice, if you don’t get properly covered.

The average cost of Minnesota Home Insurance on the other hand is $845 a year, according to government statistics. So whilst that is in no sense an inconsiderable sum, it is considerably less expense then you will have to go to if anything were to happen to your home.

When you look into taking out a policy then you should be sure to get a wide variety of quotes so that you can easily see what is available. Different companies will often offer different terms and conditions on exactly what they will pay out on, and it is well worth comparing the policy details as well as the prices.

The price of the policy is clearly a key factor in anyone’s decision’s when they are purchasing homeowners insurance. But the reputation of the company that you are buying with is every bit as important, because the easy part is producing glossy brochures and slick marketing messages. The part where the rubber really meets the road is when you have to make a claim, and then you find out whether the Minnesota Home Insurance that you have purchased really was good value for money, or if the insurance company is reluctant to pay out on any of your claims.

The insurance companies are of course in the business to make money, and so they have to charge a reasonable premium to do that. But the service that they offer is based on trust, both in terms of them trusting you to fill out the forms honestly, and not to claim frivolously. And also in terms of you trusting that they will pay out on perfectly reasonable claims that you may have to make.

You should also be sure to do a quick check online to double check what their customer service setup is like, because if you do have to make a claim then you will find yourself having to talk to them rather sooner than you may hope.

The good news is that most companies are reputable and will offer good service and good policies, so finding a perfect fit Minnesota Home Insurance Plan is certainly possible to do.


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