A Guide to Home Insurance in Michigan (MI)

Whether you own a home in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights of Flint, the fact is that getting a great Michigan Home Insurance Policy is something that needs to be a priority when you first move into your new home.

The US Government publish statistics of the average cost of homeowners insurance throughout the United States, and they found that Michigan is actually a middle of the road state when it comes to the cost of buying insurance for your home, with average Michigan Home Insurance costing $715 a year.

This compares to somewhere like Idaho on the low end at $387, or Texas at the high end at $1,460. So, it tends to sit neatly somewhere in the middle.

There are typically six types of cover when it comes to insuring your home, and these are as follows:

1/ Personal Property – This is all the contents of the home and includes all the items like fixtures and fittings, kitchen lighting, carpets and that roll-top bath that you love! It often will NOT include valuables like cameras or jewelry, so be very careful about checking exactly what you are covered for when you read your policy.

2/ Personal Liability – If someone has a mishap or an accident in your home, then there is every chance that they will end up suing you. The harsh facts are that you need to be properly covered in order to ensure that you don’t find yourself in a legal tussle that you cannot afford to fight, and good, comprehensive Michigan Home Insurance can help you to do that.

3/ Cover for your Main Dwelling – This is the main thing that all of us think of when we consider home owners insurance. This covers the cost of repairing or replacing your home in the event it gets burned down in a fire or a similar disaster.

4/ Loss of Use – If your home were to get burned down for example then you would still have to live somewhere whilst it was being rebuilt or repaired. So this portion of the home insurance policy means that you would get some money so that you could find alternative accommodation whilst all of the work was being carried out.

5/ Other Buildings – This might include such buildings as garages, sheds and outbuildings which are on the land that you own, but which is not attached to the main building.

This typically offers considerably lower levels of cover than for the main building, so if you are using an outbuilding as an office for example, and so have large amounts of expensive equipment, then you should be sure to check that your Michigan Home Insurance policy adequately protects you.

6/ Medical Bills – These are for expenses where someone else has an accident in your home that requires medical attention, but there is no legal dispute about it. So, for example, where your gran falls down the stairs, or burn herself on the stove, you are clearly not going to get sued! But she does still require medical treatment, and may have to go to hospital to get patched up.

This allows you to pay for that hospital visit and get the care that she needs.

You have a lot more choice of Michigan Home Insurance Cover than you may realize, so get a variety of quotes now, and see what is available.


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