A Guide to Home Insurance in Massachusetts (MA)

When investigating Massachusetts Home Insurance it is a good idea to look at some of the different characteristics of your home, and the role that they can play in affecting your insurance premiums.

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Massachusetts is $1,026 according to official Government statistics, so it is already in the top ten most expensive states to get home insurance in the United States.

This makes it even more important to make all the characteristics of your home as ‘insurance friendly’ as possible, so that you can minimise any of these potential costs.

Here are four ways you can help to lower your Massachusetts Home Insurance Premium:

1/ Fit Smoke Alarms and Dead-Bolts on the Windows

These are two things that you can do relatively cheaply, and yet if you make the insurance company aware of them, then they will have some (probably small) impact on your overall premiums.

Smoke Alarms cost under $30, and so you can easily buy three to cover the main areas of your home, upstairs and down, for under $100.

This is a good idea to do regardless of what you intend to do with your Massachusetts Home Insurance, because these are like an early warning system that something potentially very serious is happening. If you can head off disaster by hearing a smoke alarm, then often an event that could have ended up with your home burning down, and potentially a loss of life, can be averted.

Similarly, dead-bolts on the windows are a relatively inexpensive way of helping to secure your home from thieves.  You usually don’t even need to get someone to fit them, if you are a little handy yourself, as generally they simply come in kit form, and are very easy to fit.

2/ Install a Sprinkler System

In older homes this is often not possible, and it can be expensive.

However, as an alternative to your home burning down, it can still be attractive!

It is worth getting a couple of quotes to see if you can in fact get a reasonable deal, because this is undoubtedly one of those measures that both satisfies the Massachusetts Home Insurance Companies, but also helps to satisfy your own peace of mind regarding keeping your family protected.

3/ Remove Wood Burning Fires and Stoves

The risk of fire is always upper mount in the minds of insurance companies, because fire is one of the few areas that can mean a total pay-out on the cost of the policy.

With most other areas, such as theft for example, the insurance company may expect to pay out some money. But nothing approaching your policies full value, which in reality would make most Massachusetts Home Insurance policies uneconomic.

4/ Remove Your Trampoline

There are ways to get trampoline cover on your homeowners insurance, but it does undoubtedly complicate matters.

If you remove your trampoline then you do simplify the process of getting an insurance policy, because you will have removed one very real risk factor in the eyes of the insurance companies.

A quite amazing number of people have injuries on trampolines every year, and so the premiums if you have a trampoline in your garden (and can in fact find a company that will cover you); will always be higher than without.

Don’t let these four factors put you off finding a Massachusetts Home Insurance Policy, simply be sure to read the policy details and get a variety of quotes so that you know exactly what you are buying.


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