A Guide to Home Insurance in Maryland (MD)

The nature of Maryland Home Insurance is that it is very much an essential item that no homeowner in Baltimore, Columbia or Silver Springs should be without.

But nevertheless it is an area that all too many homeowners do neglect, or at the very least not pay sufficient attention to.

There are a number of physical characteristics that can affect how much the insurance on your home may end up costing you.

Here are four such characteristics:

1/ The Protection Devices that you have fitted

These can cover quite a large array of items, but would typically include:

Burglar Alarms
Smoke Detectors
Deadbolts on Doors
Re-enforced Doors
Security Devices for Windows
Sprinkler Systems
Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fitting these into your home in practice can play a big part in not only making your home more secure, but also in helping to make sure that if there is a physical problem such as a gas leak for example, that a carbon monoxide detector can warn householders properly.

And similarly, with smoke detectors, these can potentially mean that a problem never actually develops that requires anyone to claim on the Maryland Home Insurance, which is clearly a big deal for the insurance companies who are insuring your property.

2/ Wood Burning Stoves or Other Open Fires

For obvious reasons this increases the fire risk in a home, and so clearly this is going to affect how much you end up having to pay.

This isn’t to say that you cannot have wood burning stoves or open fires in your home, but that you most likely may for the experience in the form of higher homeowner’s insurance bills.

3/ Having a Swimming Pool or Trampoline

It’s not that most insurance companies are against you having fun in the sun!

The fact is that both swimming pools and trampolines are big sources of potential accidents, and so getting Maryland Home Insurance that covers them, whilst far from impossible, is also not quite as straightforward as without.

Swimming Pools are one of the most hazardous areas of your home, and according to statistics from the CDC, in 2007 alone there were 3,443 people who drowned in non-boating (usually swimming pool or paddling pool) related events, so this is very far from being a rare phenomenon.

Trampolines are also one of the leading causes of injuries, with literally hundreds of thousands of hospital visits over the last ten years being attributed to them.

For this reason it is worth checking any home insurance that you do buy to make sure that you are covered for these (assuming that you have a trampoline or a swimming pool); as otherwise you could be in for a nasty surprise down the track when you find that you are not actually covered by your existing Maryland Home Insurance Policy.

4/ Certain Types of Pets

It is important to realize that this doesn’t simply include very rare or exotic pets, like keeping a Lion at home!

The fact is that certain types of pets are either going to push your home insurance up considerably, or you may in fact find that you cannot get covered at all.

This may include certain species of dog that are classified as being fighting dogs, or aggressive in natures.

The reason is that from the insurance companies’ perspective these push up their risk profile to unacceptable levels.

Don’t be dismayed by this seemingly large list of factors that may weigh against you when getting a quote for Maryland Home Insurance, as with a little perseverance you can get a good policy to cover you and your family.


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