A Guide to Home Insurance in Iowa (IA)

Iowa is located at the heart of the United States and had long had a reputation as an agricultural economy.  But in truth, modern day Iowa is much more diverse than that, and despite economic roots that do hark back to simpler times, Iowa’s population of some 3 million residents are served by a rich collection of businesses and a bustling economy.

Iowa is one of the least ethnically diverse states in the US with the white population making up 95.79% of the population in 2005, and despite its agricultural tradition, greater than 60% of the population live in urban areas.

The largest city in Iowa is Des Moines, with a metropolitan population of 569,633 in 2010; but other large cities where you might find Iowans needing Iowa Home Insurance are Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City and Iowa City.

What does Average Iowa Home Insurance Cost?

It makes sense when looking to get an Iowa Home Insurance Policy that suits your needs to not only look at the wide variety of features that are available, but also to take a look at what the average Iowa Homeowners Insurance policy might cost you.

Luckily, there are some independent and verifiable figures available for this that take in all of the different states, because the US Census Bureau periodically publishes data on what the average cost of home insurance in Iowa, and the other states is.

This allows the Government to monitor the different economic sectors, such as homeowners insurance, in the economy and also how prices are reacting to such factors as recession.

In 2008 the cheapest state in the United States to get Home Insurance was Idaho at only $387 a year, whilst Texas was the most expensive at $1,460. Whilst the average cost of home insurance in Iowa stood somewhere towards the lower end of the spectrum at $612 a year.

So, in terms of the average price for home owners insurance, Iowa is one of the best states in which to live.
The reason for this is based on two primary causes.

Firstly, the crime rates in Iowa are amongst the lowest of any of the states, as recorded by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and secondly Iowa doesn’t suffer from nearly the same ferocity of storms, hurricanes and tornadoes as a place like Florida, and hence damage to property tends to be much less.

Because of a combination of those two reasons you will pay less on average for your Iowa Home Insurance, and will also be able to get a wider variety of cover as there is less overall risk to the insurance companies.

How To Get Good Home Insurance Cover In Iowa

Like most other states the process of getting a good quality, comprehensive policy for your home is now much easier because of the internet, and so there is now no excuse not to get a policy that really serves your needs.

The way that you would do this is firstly to ensure that you check quotes for providers in the state at least once every year, as they can and do change. And you will also find in so doing that you may be able to find an Iowa Insurance Company that can offer you a better deal on your policy.

At the very least this gives you a bargaining chip in negotiations with your existing provider, and you may find that simply by threatening to leave that you can actually secure a better deal!

Sort out a wide collection of different quotes and carefully compare what is on offer before making any final decisions on which Iowa Home Insurance Policy is right for you.


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