A Guide to Home Insurance in Hawaii (HI)

One of the key things that you must do when you first move into a new home in Honolulu, Hilo or Kailua is to arrange some Hawaii Home Insurance that will ensure that your belongings are properly covered should anything unfortunate occur.

The sad fact is that people think that it can’t happen to them in terms of their belongings getting stolen, or being caught by some kind of fire or other disaster that comprehensive Hawaii homeowners insurance would have protected them from. But the sad fact is that every year on the island of Hawaii there a considerable number of crimes against both property and person, and so it is always a good idea to sort out some proper insurance that can protect you.

Some Statistics about Property Crime in Hawaii

In 2010, with a state population approaching 1.3 million, there were 46,004 property crimes according to Government statistics, and overall on average you have a 1 in 28 chance of being a victim of property crime in Hawaii.

There were 9,379 burglaries in the state and 31,492 thefts. So whilst Hawaii certainly is a beautiful place, it does still suffer its fair share of crimes against properties, and you do need to get protected.

What Are Average Hawaii Home Insurance Rates?

The US Census Bureau publishes statistics regarding the average costs for insurance in all the different states. And this shows that there can be a very wide disparity between the most expensive states and the cheapest.

Somewhere near the top stands Hawaii in terms of the average cost of home insurance in the State, with an average Hawaii home insurance premium of $862 per year in 2008.

The states that tend to have much higher averages are those which are particularly prone to hurricanes and storm damage, such as Florida as $1390 and Texas at $1460.

How to get Comprehensive Hawaii Home Insurance WITHOUT Breaking the Bank!

The good news is that it is certainly possible to get a great Hawaii home insurance policy without having to go into penury to do it.

Whilst overall $862 is towards the upper end of the spectrum in the United States when it comes to the costs of homeowners insurance, it is still fairly close to most of the other states.

In fact, there were still twelve states that were more expensive than Hawaii for their home cover, and of those five cost over $1000. So don’t be too dismayed if you do live in Hawaii. You can still get good value, comprehensive cover; you simply need to shop around a little in order to be able to find it.

One of the best ways of getting better than average Hawaii home insurance is to get a wide variety of quotes before you finally pull the trigger on your policy.

If you get half a dozen different quotes then you can be far more sure that you are in fact getting the best deal possible, and that you aren’t missing out on a bargain.


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