A Guide to Home Insurance in Delaware (DE)

In considering your options for Delaware Home Insurance it is important to check out numerous different quotes and also to thoroughly research exactly what is available.

The good news that the internet has brought particularly as far as insurance is concerned is that it has now made it easier than ever to insure that you are getting the best deal, because you can check half a dozen different Delaware Home Insurance providers all in the same afternoon, and be sure that you have really got the best policy for you.

That never used to be the case because you were dependant on Insurance Brokers to provide you with all the necessary information, and so in a very real sense the process was taken out of your hands.

Still, this does mean that doing proper research and checking out your various options is now firmly in your hands, and so you do need to be better prepared than ever before if you are to get better than average Delaware Home Insurance that really meets your individual requirements.

What is Average Delaware Home Insurance and Can You Do Better?

There are a number of different places that you can use to provide accurate statistics on what the average costs of Delaware Home Insurance are, but perhaps the most reliable comes from the US Census Bureau which has access to all the statistics from the various State Insurance Departments around the country, and periodically compares comparison tables for all of the different states.

In 2011 a new set of data was released covering 2007, which showed that the average cost of Home Insurance in the USA was $822, but that the average cost of home insurance in Delaware was a relatively cheap $559.

This is over $250 cheaper than the average, and about one-third the average cost of home insurance in Florida for example which was $1,534.

In fact Delaware is the 6th cheapest state for Home Insurance Premiums in the entire United States according to the US Census Bureau, all of which bodes very well for consumers who are shopping around for Delaware Home Insurance Quotes.

What is included with typical Delaware Home Insurance Policies?

There are several different types of home insurance policies, but the most typical are referred to as ‘Special HO-3’ policies, which is also the type that the US Census Bureau used for comparative purposes, and this covers your home and its contents against anything apart from those things that are specifically excluded in the policy.

In practice the most common types of cover which WOULD be covered would be for these issues:

Hail Damage
Windstorm Damage
Riot Damage
Damage from aircraft or vehicles
Broken Glass and Broken Windows
Building Collapses
The weight of sleet, snow or ice
Falling Objects
Electricity Shorts or Surges (though radios and TVs are NOT included in this)
Plumbing Accidents (But there are MANY exclusions to this quite commonly)
Heating Accidents
Appliance Accidents
Frozen Pipes
Air Conditioning Problems

In fact, the above generally come under the general category of “Broad H2-0” cover which is inclusive in that it lays down exactly what you ARE covered for, and hence you are NOT covered for anything else.

The difference between this and ‘Special HO-3’ cover is that HO-3 Delaware Home Insurance cover is broader in scope, and includes ALL of the above (usually), but also includes cover for any other damage to your home or property, as long as it is not specifically excluded in the policy.

There are some very common exclusions which normally apply to most HO-3 home insurance policies in Delaware, and these would normally include the following exclusions:

Intentional Damage
Insect Damage
Rodent Damage
War Damage
Nuclear Accidents
Wear and Tear
Condensation in attic insulation which causes stains on the ceiling of the roof below
Curtains that freeze to the window

How important these specific exclusions are to you will depend on your particular circumstances and where you live. For example, getting some kind of Earthquake coverage is going to be much more important in California which has amongst the highest amount of earthquakes (second only to Alaska), than North Dakota which has the least.

Where as in North Dakota you would be much more concerned generally about getting extra cover for flooding (North Dakota has one of the highest dollar expenditures on flood damage each year); than Delaware which has one of the lowest expenditures on flood damage.

Again though, this is looking at matters from an overall state perspective, and what really matters is your particular circumstances.

If you live by a river that floods then make sure that you get extra flood insurance, even if the rest of your state is like a desert!

The bottom line is that you need to think clearly about your specific requirements for Delaware Home Insurance and be sure to read the terms and conditions of the different policies very carefully before buying a policy.

It is now much easier to get Delaware Home Insurance Quotes online, so get several and then do your due diligence to make sure that you buy a policy that is a best fit for your needs.


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